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Obviously it's default setting would be off, but apps could utilize it if they want. It would be handy for games and other cool things we haven't thought about yet.
Here's a rear touch panel case for the iPhone 4/s @ https://www.getsensus.com/
Would you like to see a touch panel on the back of the next iphone?   
iPhone's users are known for their heavy use of data and most likely killed Sprint's network so bad that they needed Softbank to come in and rescue them to help build out their infrastructure. 
They could always turn it into a mini Hadron Collider.
Ya, because if people mistakenly priced in the stock (baked in the cake so to speak) a product that won't actually be coming out anytime soon can cause a stock's valuation can get way ahead of itself which leads it to eventually fall back to reality.  Sure it's subjective, but there's more logic behind my opinion than you think.
The "I finally cracked cracked it" statement by Steve Jobs probably added an additional 100 points to Apple's stock. If there is no actual iTV anytime soon I would think that premium would disapear.
Good news.  
Sure the whole Feng Shui thing has a lot of BS wrapped in it, but one would think there would be a science behind the validity if certain structural designs help foster creativity and success while others might hinder it.   http://www.seattlebusinessmag.com/business-corners/technology/poor-feng-shui-apple%E2%80%99s-proposed-headquarters-could-spell-bad-news   "Apple’s new building, with its one mile circumference and one-third mile diameter center, is...
I agree, I think our economy would run a whole lot better, but Apple (while achieving Jobs vision) would become something more like IBM. The Yang will have become the Yin in a strange sort of way.
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