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Once a product become ubiquitous people no longer see the device, they only see the person using it which will most likely be someone's grandpa.
Get a free McFlu with every purchase.
If iPads end up at many McDonalds around the country over the next few years, this would be sort of a symbol that Apple became the computer company for the masses that Steve Jobs envisioned. And at exact same time Apple would lose it's coolness and become McApple.   http://hamptonroads.com/2012/10/have-ipad-your-meal-its-not-togo "Roy Rash of Virginia Beach plays with an iPad as he eats his breakfast Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012, at the McDonald's at Lynnhaven Mall...
Everything Apple makes now is just another rectangle screen that gives us another way to watch TV/video. We need something rad that actually 'thinks different' and can stalk neighborhood pets.
Apple making a TV remote is lame. Apple needs to build awesome robotic pets.
 Fadell does have public speaking skills which gives him the ability to inspire and he has technical street cred which helps with his legitimacy. Without Fadell, Apple would have not been able to achieve the level of success as they did because both itunes and the ipod paved the way for the amazing iPhone. Sure Forstall is an excellent software engineer, but at Apple's (profit) core it's about creating great hardware that just works.
I'm tough on Apple because I think they are one of the few good ones in the electronic industry who can actually make things significantly better.
If there is one company who could actually afford to assemble some Apple products (iMacs and Mac Pro) in the USA, it's Apple.
  The work conditions of the people who make Apple products   VS.   The future home of those who design them.
I assumed that Apple would have improved safari to offset the removal of the YouTube app, but now it seems like my iPad has taken a giant step backwards. Any recommendations for browser or app options to alleviate this?
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