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I would like to see the MBP resemble the MB in terms of where the hard drive is located. I love how easy it is to get at the HD in the macbook.
christ, already down 13% in afterhours.
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Dig...8786531&sr=8-1 That's a little expensive. It should be around 110 pounds, but the Logitech z-5500 is the best speaker set out there imho.
Interesting. I wonder how a c2d 2.0 mini or a hacked 2.16/2.33 mini would handle the load.
I'm ready to pull the trigger on a mini update in January.
I've seen DSL as cheap as $15. I think 56k is $10 and I highly think the $5 is worth it for the experience.
The answer to the mini's 2.5" problem: keep the 2.5" drive, and add a 3 Gbps esata port for more advanced users.
Unlocking will surely occur. All of us over at howardforums are already begin to ponder ways
Very dissapointed with the carrier decision. I have cingular but the phone should be sold unlocked, without the support of any carrier.
2.5 in my Dual Processor 2ghz G5 - all 8 ram slots full 2.5 in my Dual Core 2ghz G5 - 4/8 full, so room to add
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