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I am posting this tethered to my iPhone 3G with 3.0. I am not going to risk abusing it but thought it was pretty neat. I have to use usb rather than bluetooth because for some reason BT tethering doesn't work with MBA second gen?!
30 people at the AT&T store in Newburgh NY. I was actually scheduled to have a meeting with Verizon Wireless in New Jersey this morning and it got cancelled at the last moment so I jumped on line. Luckily I had shorts, sneakers, and a t-shirt in my trunk. Standing in line in a suit would have been funny. LOL
I am just going to save a ton of money and tme by simply mugging someone coming out of the store on Friday.
Well I am torn. I tried the Air out today and was no impressed at all. I have an opportunity to pick up a 15inch MacBook Pro 2.2 GHz with a 320Gig HD and 4 Gig of RAM for $1000 out of my pocket. LOL It's either that or hang on the to the MacBook and hope the company doesn't ask for it back anytime soon. LOL
Okay, I have a opportunity to pick up a Mac today with no personal expense to me. The problem is I have a black Macbook already 2.2GHz 4 gig of RAM 160Gig HD. and the wife has a 1rst gen Black Macbook with a spazy trackpad. Otherwise her machine is fine and for $200 or so I can replace the trackpad. LOL I was considering a MacBook Air because it would be nice to travel with but I am not sold. I am so hesitant to buy anything from Apple anymore. I picked up an...
I would like a MacBook Air but I certainly don't need one. I have a 2 month old black MacBook and I love it. It's small enough for easy portability and have everything. Unless you just like pissing away cash to have the latest and greatest what's the point?
they are going old school and using 13 inch CRT's.
Yeah it does. Especially when I carry around my 30 inch display. How can I put that fragile piece of crap in the overhead on a plane without breaking it?!
Right now I have my USB Aircard and my iPhone cord plugged in and wish I had one more for my windows phone! LOL
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