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I believe that the smaller size will continue to be the leader. What is needed is for both versions to be Air designs, with a curved back. The Air back is most important for the smaller version as there are people (my wife included) that does not believe the line to date has been comfortable in their hand.
$70K in merchant fees is enough to make anyone eliminate charge cards.   On the other side of the coin, how many sales were made because your customer had the credit to make the purchase, as opposed to having available cash in their wallet or bank account?  And can you be assured that you will not take a hit when that available credit on a credit card is removed?   I don't believe that Apple really wants to be in the banking business, but they may want a percentage of...
I don't consider the free tickets on BA for my wife and myself to be "trinkets".  It has been a very good card for us and the only one I bother to have.
As noted above, the retailer's systems need to be made safe from attacks like the Target attack. The Target hack is especially important to Apple because it was tied to Target's POS terminals. Those are obviously the devices that Apple's iBeacon would be working with. In terms of current credit cards, millions (including me) have loyalty cards. Mine is a British Airways Visa from Chase and we have had a few trips to the UK & Europe with those miles, and another trip or...
Lawyers do not like to be sanctioned - it is a major punishment for them. And it looks like it is a responsible path for the court in this situation. In addition, lawyers for the firm that screwed up should be held liable to those companies that were damaged by their actions.
One only has to remember what a great job Icahn did with TWA to appreciate all efforts to avid his interference with Apple. IMO the guy is an asset stripper, pure and simple, and can only ending up harming Apple.
AI understand that the iMac is not the top selling product.   But there are two important points to remember:   1.  Apple has a small product range - you can put one of each Apple Products on the top of one dining room table, with room to spare.     2.  Apple had the funds to maintain strong development for all products on that table top.  They can add more talented staff without hurting the bank balance.  LIke I said before, how long has it been since iWork...
Apple doesn't need to upgrade their lines as fast as a PC company, but they are waiting too long between upgrades on the Mac line. The iMac is a classic example - why wait as long as they do before upgrading when a new chip is out. Apple has also fallen behind their previous pace when it comes to consumer software. iWork and iLife are two critical products that can be used to get potential customers to switch. When was the last time that iWork was updated - not...
So the Patent Office "has decided to comply with anonymous requests to reexamine a total of three Apple patents". An anonymous request gets the Patent Office to jump through loops? Maybe those reviews should be put on hold until the name of the anonymous person or company is fully disclosed to both the Patient Office and the public.
SInce Korean companies like Samsung is doing so well messing things up maybe it is time for Korea to start paying for the 60 years of military protection that we have been providing them. All I see from them these days is copyright infringement and a total lack of respect for the treasure and blood we have provided to prop them up for generations.
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