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I'm currently contemplating the (new) Canon Pixma MX922.  Although not listed on Apple's site, it is compatible with AirPrint printers and Mac software.  It's an all-in-one supposedly with ink cartridges which go a long way compared to similarly priced Epson's.
Probably an Epson then. Just wanted an educated opinion based on some real world experience. I appreciate your opinion; thanks.
Hmmm...thought I'd get some responses.  Where are all of you "helpful hardware folks"?
Have a late model iMac with Mountain Lion, OS 10.8.2.  Also have 3rd generation iPad and iPhone 5.   What would you Apple aficionados recommend for the most compatible all-around printer?  I am obviously in need a a printer replacement and am specifically looking for an all-in-one type.  Which make/model do users have the best luck with?   Thanks, in advance.
Whatever man...relax and have a beer.
    Don't have to listen to you and do not have to agree.  Apple does not have the responsibility to make sure other products work with their software.  This is true.  Apple should have a simple disclaimer about other's software including anti-virus that may not be compatible with, i.e., work with their new O.S., just as McAfee should have it.     Just going to agree to disagree and put this discourse with you to bed.
No where did I say that Apple told me I "need" McAfee. They did tell me to contact McAfee about them updating or fixing the issue. Apple is selling this product. All I'm saying is that a simple disclosure in their "buy update" section saying that there new O.S. may not be compatible with compatible with some computer's software such as some popular anti-virus software. Explain to me why this would cost billions if dollars (LOL) to do something aline these lines. I...
Heard from Apple who confirmed that they are not lying. In fact, Apple urged me to contact them (McAfee) as to WHEN they will have compatibility with Mnt. Lion. He went on to state, blah blah blah, why they can't logistically give the buyer warning about these compatibility issues. I think it's Apple giving the load of BS! I have McAfee because it's included with my Cox Internet, so it's not the cost of the anti- virus that bothers me. It's the failure of Apple and...
I realize that Mac's have been relatively resistent to viruses.  That said, there are reports of Trojan viruses as well as adware issues on Macs.  On the introduction day, I downloaded Mountain Lion to my 6 mo. old iMac.  I was favorably impressed until receiving an email from my McAfee anti-virus.     It stated:     "OSX Mountain Lion was released by Apple this week, but unfortunately it is not compatible with McAfee Family Protection. Upgrading to Mountain Lion will...
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