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Does anyone run Internet Explorer on their Mac? If so, what are the pros and cons and what version is recommended? Thanks, in advance
Why is that?
Pulease .......there are children here. Get a hold of yourself.
So you're not only defining what does or does not constitute a "fact" but you're reading my mind . Sorry, this path with you is pointless and not worth any effort. Later man ....
Um...they will still have competition from Verizon and Sprint. Nevertheless, I DO agree with your last sentence. (Well goll...elee, I really like these new-fangled things like "a quote feature". What'll they think of next??)
Wrong; that is a fact! Whether it goes through or not is another question .
If you're an Apple stock-holder you care .
Quote: "more individualized and "reasonable" data plans." At least until the merger goes through. Opinion, not fact, no?
With the unlimited (Verizon) plan gone, I don't see much reason to go Verizon vs. ATT or Sprint, should it get the iPhone. With ATT's upcoming merger with T-Mobile in the works, the network advantages of Verizon should be somewhat mitigated. ATT has more up-to-date iPhone software, the ability to use the phone and data concurrently, and now, more individualized and "reasonable" data plans.
Well, I've actually had good luck with eBay. Also, if you pay via PayPal, your purchase is pretty much guaranteed. That being said, every purchase is not perfect and you have to know what you're doing and investigate the seller before closing the deal. A good seller will allow refunds if the item is defective or not what was expected.
New Posts  All Forums: