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One reason for this is clear...Apple's business strategy is not to compete in the low-end where computers are concerned - that is Dell's, HPs, Toshiba's, etc. job. What Apple cannot make in volume in its computer sales, it can make in profit per unit that they sell. Apple gambled on the consumer wanting a quality product and willing to pay for that quality product. The gamble paid off. Combine this with the success of their iPod and iPad products and you have a company...
Does anyone know if Apple uses Seagate HDDs on the MacBook Pros? If Apple doesn't, maybe getting a fully-spec'd 17-inch MacBook Pro with a new ThunderBolt display would be a better option (although more expensive).
Best Buy lowered the prices on all Macs this Sunday (July 17, 2011). This could mean they are trying to purge their inventory of all the Macs that have OS X Snow Leopard to make way for those Macs that have the new OS X Lion installed. Since Best Buy's advertised prices are good for a week, this could mean that the newly refreshed Macs are not far from release. Could be that by, July 24, the new Macs with the OS X Lion will be in stores. What does everyone think?
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