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Likewise, for $10 including shipping they are at Deal Extreme in a choice of colours... http://dx.com/p/ultra-thin-bluetooth-v2-0-music-receiver-for-apple-30pin-speaker-white-106950 They have been available for years. $50 - ridiculous.
Reeder has announced on their twitter feed that Reeder users will be unaffected by the Google Reader shutdown. Presumably they are coming up with an alternative solution.
Qualcomm is taking up Samsung's spare capacity for their LTE modems and Snapdragon SoCs, so there shouldn't be much of a problem for Samsung. Apple in turn buys these Qualcomm modems for the iPhone and iPad..
The iPad mini, long before anyone else, and precise 7.85" display dimensions too. Also the iPad 4 with exact details of changes that were correct. Both at the beginning of last year.
  1.0 was called Heavenly - which is also a Vail ski resort.   http://www.skiheavenly.com
This is actually quite bizarre.   Almost every iOS Release has Vail in its codename:   iOS 3.0: KirkVail iOS 3.1: NorthVail iOS 4.0: ApexVail  http://theiphonewiki.com/wiki/ApexVail_8A274b_(iPod_touch_3G) iOS 4.1:  BakerVail iOS 4.2: JasperVail   http://theiphonewiki.com/wiki/JasperVail_8C5115c_(iPhone_4_GSM) iOS 4.3: DurangoVail   http://theiphonewiki.com/wiki/DurangoVail_8F5166b_(iPhone_4_GSM) iOS 5.0:  TellurideVail   iOS 5.1:  HoodooVail iOS...
Unfortunately, the only Qualcomm baseband and chipset pair that supports TD-SCDMA also supports LTE. I'd think they'd be more likely to release a CDMA/EDGE/HSPA+ iPhone using a derivative of the 4S's 6610 for all carriers, and the 5S may well be the only model that works on China Mobile's 3G (with the new WTR1605L transceiver).   Of course, this hypothetical 3G-only iPhone mini would only work on EDGE and WiFi on China Mobile, but that's still a better experience than...
Why not make a 3G only, 3.5" display, 5 megapixel, 16GB-only, A6-powered (512MB), Lightning-connected ultrathin replacement for the iPhone 4S for release later this year alongside the 5S. US$249 no contract unlocked. Call it iPhone mini. The lack of size options, no LTE, different camera and no 4.0 inch display would prevent cannibalisation of the iPhone 5S. Using parts long in manufacture makes it cheap to make, but it brings iOS, and an ultrathin aluminum form factor to...
Bluetooth 4.0 is also on the iPhone 4S and iPad 3. It's also on all 2012-released Macs.
  It's nothing to do with a cure.    The red charity gives anti-retroviral drugs to infected pregnant women to dramatically reduce the likelihood of mother-child transmission of HIV. The mother may well still die, but the baby will be healthy.
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