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    I'm in Australia, with Universal health care. If I hurt my knee, I'll get and MRI and surgery if necessary in a timely manner. Medications are capped at $30, or $5 if you are unwaged.   It's a pretty good system and the standard of care is much higher in our public hospitals than the private ones.
  It's up to the licensee to decide. The Cortex-A57 core scales "beyond 16 cores".   AMD has announced intends to put crazy amounts of these cores in systems glued together with interconnect they purchased from SeaMicro. AMD's Opteron branded ARM based processors will be available in 2014.   AMD, Nvidia, APM and others have been working on high performance 64-bit ARM processors for computationally intensive systems.   There is the possibility that Apple could be first to...
The point of Siri is that she's meant to know what tools to use to answer your query.   She should look up Google automatically if that's going to provide the answer to my question. Not ask me if I want to perform a search.
  Sure it's not easy to beat Intel, but the first ARMv8 64 bit processor shows much promise. And the A6 shows that Apple has a processor development team that rivals the best.   Check out the X-Gene's performance and imagine a SoC that's solely designed for the purpose of running OS X in a Mac.   http://images.anandtech.com/galleries/1532/Screen Shot 2011-11-14 at 1.41.15 PM.png
Look at the supremely fast X-Gene ARMv8 64-bit processor. If Apple can do the A6, they can certainly match the X-Gene. Add plenty of Rogue GPU cores for speedy OpenCL and OpenGL. Custom memory controllers delivering extreme memory bandwidth.   Wouldn't you want to build your own CPUs instead of pay Intel and Nvidia their exorbitant prices? You could deliver unheard of performance and the chips would be super cheap.   They just need Rosetta again for Intel -->...
I find when I receive calls from other 5 callers, the 5 picks up much more background noise than the 4 or 4S. The Audience processor that was ditched in the 5 was better. I can hear when a caller on a 5 is somewhere where birds are chirping, a tram or motorbike passing, or if they are in the bath. You can't hear those things if you the caller is calling from an iPhone 4 or 4S.
  Not really, a 27" iMac is more likely to feature the Retina Display at this stage, as there's nothing that has the GPU horsepower to plug a Retina Thunderbolt Display into. In addition, the Retina Thunderbolt Display will most probably need next year's Thunderbolt chipsets for Haswell which support DisplayPort 1.2.   But a 27" iMac's hardware is going to cost more than a Retina MacBook Pro, so I would think of it more as a replacement for the Mac Pro. (Which TC said is...
  The current GPS ephemeris and almanac data needs to be downloaded before you can use GPS. This is very slow over GPS, at 50 bits per second. Wifi Runs at 150 000 000 bits per second. What's more, it's only valid for 4 hours.   To download this data via satellite (which is only possible outdoors) takes more than five minutes to get enough data to begin positioning.   Poor user experience, not to mention the impact on battery life. Not something Apple would do.   Assisted...
    He says that there is an Audience IP block in the next iPhone, but it will not be enabled.   If there's a new processor, why would they include the Audience IP block if they had no intention of using it?
I'd love unlimited access to the whole iTunes catalogue for online and offline use for $4-5 a month.   Like be a cut down version of Spotify using the iTunes user interface.
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