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HTC made the O2 XDA, Vodafone MDA, Dell AXIM handhelds, Compaq iPaqs and more....
Unwired is slow and unreliable. In Australia, 3G is faster (Telstra's now up to 21Mbit/s HSPA), and offers way more coverage than the patchy inner metro coverage Unwired offers. (Telstra covers 99% of the population and Optus will cover 98% by the end of the year) Unwired uses 3.5GHz which has poor coverage characteristics which contribute to the problem. Look at whirlpool for the mountain of complaints..... It's odd that Apple would be partnering with them...
Stupid article.
They should merge the AppleTV and Mac mini lines and preinstall both OSes. Put both a Mini DisplayPort and a HDMI port on there.
Where have you been?? Most iPods except the touch have FM capability ?!?! You just need the Radio Remote.
The WCDMA 3G network being built will be much larger in area than the TD-SCDMA network being built. The iPhone works on WCDMA networks.
I watched the video and can't see any difference to the current Driving Directions with Street View in Australia (and I thought the rest of the world)
Well, Apple can move to the ARM Cortex A8 quad core designs, which offer 8x the performance without additional power consumption. Perfect for Grand Central. And they can adopt the Imagination SGX to replace the MBX. Perfect for OpenCL. They are licensees for both. Perhaps in the 2010 iPhone?
Both of these points are wrong. UVC-DV devices require no additional drivers on the Mac. And there is more than adequate bandwidth for multiple HD streams before even coming close to USB's typical throughput.
No it's NOT. Mac OS X has had support for UVC since 10.4.9 and iMovie 08 supports UVC camcorders too.
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