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All you need is a simple cable USB to Firewire It encapsulates DV in USB Video Class. Needs no drivers since 10.4.9. No recompression - it's the original DV stream! And this has been available for over four years. http://www.everythingusb.com/news/index/3889.htm
They upgraded the display to be LED and 1920 x 1200 standard. You also still have the choice of an antiglare display. It's the only choice for people who need an antiglare display.
The cool thing if this is true is the MacBook Pro will get hybrid SLI (a speed boost from the using the integrated graphics as well as the discrete GPU) plus hopefully the power saving feature which automatically switches back to the integrated GPU and shuts off the discrete GPU when load is low.
The iPhone 3G likely would comply with this already - it has a removable battery. Apple should extend phone recycling programs to all countries where the iPhone is sold.
CS4 Photoshop.........2GBCS4 Illustrator..........2GBFCS2.......................2GB per applicationLogic Studio 8.........2GBVMWare Fusion.........2GB each 32 bit virtual machine / no limit on 64 bit virtual machines running x64 OSParallels Desktop......2GB per virtual machine
ffass, just press the button on the headphones ($29). you can change volume, next and previous track, pause and play.
Comes With Music is awesome. All the music you can download from all labels and independants, Keep the music forever. Authorize a computer to use your Comes With Music too. Freely give all your music to other Comes With Music users. Whatever happened to iTunes Unlimited? I would rather DRM free but I couldn't afford my collection of MP3 files at 0.99c a track. So Comes with Music sounds great.
digitalclips, The alternative is to access limited content via the Apple TV interface. Just like how you can access media with ATVFiles or NitoTV or the default interface.
Once you put the card in, it has 16GB built in. If i never told you it had removable memory, you would never know.
The only reason you would take out the card is to give it 32GB or more of music, which you can't do on the iPhone.
New Posts  All Forums: