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It also comes with unlimited music for the life of the device, and you can download music over the air. There were rumors of Apple doing this a while ago. The phone has no built-in memory, but instead has bundled 8 or 16GB cards (depending on carrier).
The card goes inside the phone. If you lose your phone, you need to purchase another one. You can claim it on your phone or home contents insurance. Losing any phone is no different...
You won't need to spend extra money unless you want more than 8 or 16GB space. The carriers will bundle memory cards, as they do already for this class of device.
No, most carriers will bundle the cards with the phone. (INSIDE the same box)Nokia does this for most carriers already for their S60 handsets.
16GB ones are US$75. They are only just starting to ship.8GB ones are US$30. These are very widely available.
The range isn't long enough for this to happen. It doesn't happen at the train station or at the checkout. It's the same tech (NFC) as a train ticket or Visa PayWave/Mastercard Paypass
You only need to pair once ever. The two devices remember the pairing. You do this by bringing the devices together. Once. NFC only has a 10cm range, so you need to have physical access to the machine to use it anyway.
the next iphone NEEDS a hardware compass for street view. Street View Compass Mode is awesome.
Cool, note that the nano doesn't support MPEG2 or quicktime codecs.
Shake to shuffle isn't supposed to be sensitive enough to be triggered while running anyway.
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