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The great thing is: OpenCL has the backing of Intel (Larabee), AMD (Radeon), Nvidia (GeForce), Imagination (the incredible PowerVR in iPhone) and ARM (Miro - unused by Apple as yet) OpenCL gives a single API that will be supported from iPhone to Mac Pro on and give Apple a wide variety of choices for graphics processors. It's great to not be locked in.
This should work on any 3GSM or GPRS/EDGE phone network. On most networks your 3G device should seamlessly move between the two radio network technologies midcall and mid connection without dropping the call or changing your IP address. Many of Hutchison's networks worldwide are the big exception. This is due to their expensive costs for their GPRS/EDGE access. Dropping out is more polite than getting $1650 per GB on your bill for silently handing over to EDGE data.
Plenty of carriers, especially ones with explicitly included download limits have no problem with tethering. Apple may choose to make this App available in markets where the official carriers have no policy against tethering.
Really? The Commonwealth has a population of 1.9 billion people and 53 nations. I thought the US had a smaller population than that.
It's pretty much all public knowledge.The dudes at PA Semi have experience designing ARM SoCs. Intel has announced that Apple's is not planning on using Atom-based devices for this device class. Apple has announced they are producing their own SoC in the future for iPhones and iPod touch.Apple designed and owned ARM but had to sell ARM off to keep themselves afloat in the late 90s.Also think about Grand Central + Cortex multicore (and of course OS X iPhone 3.0 - the iPhone...
This would be useful for a replacement to the AppleTV. Today's Atom can't come close to the performance of the underclocked Pentium M in the AppleTV. A future Atom would help them build it cheaper and use less power again. Not suitable for OS X Leopard, since a dual-core Atom doesn't even equal the performance of today's Intel Celeron line up. (which is much slower than the Pentium dual core, which is way slower than a core 2 duo) For handheld type devices, a PA Semi...
No way Vodafone's 5GB for $39 and Three's 1GB for $15 are far better value and have been out for longer.
Yes, traffic via the MMS server and the telco's web content portals is usually not counted as data. That's how it is here in Australia on all four 3G networks. I presume they do it via IP address range.
Three in Australia is ridiculously cheap too. There's a petition from Three Australia to convince Apple to carry the iPhone. If you're a Three customer text "iPhone" to 333000 to register your interest and click the free web link in the return message.
2 million more 2G iphones?? that doesn't sound right
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