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Instead of the Blackjack, compare the size of the new Samsung F480:It's slimmer and considerably smaller than the iPhone and packs 7.2Mbit 3G HSDPA and a 5 megapixel autofocus camera. (Along with a large touch screen, etc)Apple can easily fit all of these things AND a bigger battery in something the same size or SMALLER than todays iPhone.
The processors have 50% more L2 than before, Intel sold 2MB Meroms before (there is one in the lowest end Mac mini and there was one in the lowest end previous Core 2 Duo iMac.) It's just Apple is now choosing the lower-end CPUs now instead of the higher end ones.
It's cheaper to manufacture, but then the 6MB version is also cheaper to make than the old Merom 4MB. Penryn die size 107 sq mm Merom die size 143 sq mm I am not sure if Penryn 3MB has the same die size with half the cache disabled or a smaller die. Either way Penryn 3MB will be cheaper again to make than a the Penryn 6MB. If the cache is there but disabled it is a way of improving yields as they can sell a CPU when some of the cache may be faulty Of course if it has a...
Considering China has no 3G, and hasn't awarded any licences* to even built a 3G network yet I doubt this is the case. The 3G version of course will work there but will fall back to EDGE speeds.China may skip 3G and commercially launch LTE (4G) in 2010, considering China Mobile is conducting trials next year with Vodafone and Verizon. AT&T has also chosen LTE as well as all of Europe's carriers.And of course, Apple is on the GSM-LTE roadmap too.THe have two nationwide...
AT&T's 850MHz HSPA network is capable of 14.4Mbit via software update to the base stations. THe reason they don't activate it today is they need to upgrade the backhaul to the transmitters too. 14.4Mbit HSPA uses the same 5MHz channel that it currently uses for 3.6Mbit, just a more efficient coding.
The Infineon S-GOLD3H (I guess this is what will be in it) can do 7.2Mbit HSDPA. Hopefully Apple doesn't cripple it to just 3.6Mbit because AT&T hasn't switched on 7.2 or 14.4Mbit HSDPA. We're getting sustained downloads here (in Australia) of 5Mbit+ with 7.2Mbit data cards using bittorrent. (Comes in handy when work blocks torrents ;-) )
China still hasn't even allocated licenses for 3G networks!! They probably won't bother rolling 3G out at all, since they are beginning trials of LTE (4G) with Verizon and Vodafone next year. They do have 400,000 iPhones on China Mobile, but of course it's a GSM/EDGE network.
Apple's Bluetooth 2.1 implementation is missing the NFC reader, so it isn't that exciting. I want touch-to-pair!!!
Obama wants to reform the patent system. It's not hard to see why...
It needs built-in 3G (HSDPA/HSUPA) with an accessible SIM card slot and no network locking. Everyone is getting tired of these dongles hanging out. It's fine for Apple to do a bundled special data plan for iPhone (AT&T / O2 etc) users but don't lock the future MacBook Air to one carrier. 3G (HSDPA) is in all markets apple operates in worldwide, is fast and essential in this new wireless world.
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