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Now that Apple TV 2.0 has AirTunes, maybe they are planning on adding it. Perhaps the April Software update for $20.... It'd be a great feature.
The Leopard problem happens while using the computer. The beta versions suffered the same problem, but it made it into release. 10.5.1 didn't fix it either... Sometimes putting it to sleep and waking it again works, but it usually doesn't. Usually you can 1-2 minutes and it comes back, only to stop working again in a few more minutes. A full restart fixes the problem until it recurs.
Safari 3 is in 10.4.11 and will soon be finalised for Windows.
Hopefully this shames Apple into catching up with Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola...
Modern GSM networks use HSDPA over UMTS. Currently, the UMTS standard is available worldwide for use in 850, 900, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, and 2600 MHz bands. Additionally, it is expected the standard will be expanded for uses in the 450 MHz and 700 MHz bandshttp://www.3gamericas.org/English/Te...enter/umts.cfm
So is this confirmation that the Classic and new Nano run click-wheel variant of OS X? They have ARM processors and it seems like it would have been a massive job bringing quartz extreme-like window compositing and core animaton-like layered animations to pixo, a dead end operating system.
Korea is phasing out CDMA and transitioning over to WCDMA/HSDPA. So this means that the 3G iPhone can't be too far off. HSDPA is the same system that Europe, AT&T 3G, Australia and Japan also use.
Being on a contract is one thing. Blocking the use of another SIM card while under that contract is another.
Who cares about visual voicemail? It's hardly that exciting. Regular voicemail will work fine. And plenty of telcos let you access your voicemail via IMAP or POP too. That's almost the same.
= Accept the world sucks and don't try to change it??
New Posts  All Forums: