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The 3GS and later (including 4S) receive ANT+ using Apple's custom firmware driving the Broadcom WiFi SDR baseband.   The two ANT+ devices it works with are the Nike+ Remote Watch and the Nike+ shoe sensor. They are identifiable as only using ANT+ by the Dynastream ANT+ device inside.    I wonder if Apple will still include ANT+ compatibility in the iPhone 5, as the newest Nike+ devices are Bluetooth 4.0.
No NFC antenna leaks yet.... :-(
  The NFC standard incorporates all the existing contactless standards into one. (Felica, PayPass and PayWave, existing transit system tickets are all compatible)   The problem with NFC at the moment is every player wants control of the "secure element". Control of the secure element is seen as the gateway to untold billions of dollars of new revenue in the future.   Carriers want it located in the SIM Banks don't want it in the SIM Handset makers want it in the phone...
LaCie owns 11.17% of Loewe. Perhaps Seagate buying LaCie somehow became a rumour of Apple buying Loewe.    LaCie invests in Loewe
Apple's is by far the largest at 12.3 x 8.8mm - not much smaller than today's 12 x 15mm Micro SIM. Nokia's 10 x 8mm is the smallest, so why not go for it? Nokia's point is that 12.3mm is too close to 12mm. Someone trying to put a nano SIM into a Micro SIM slot will jam the slot up.
The fifth band you refer (Band 6) to is completely inside another band (Band 5 - 850MHz).
These are power amplifiers and filters, there are many vendors that can provide these to Apple's specs.
Band 4 is used by AT&T, Telus and Bell for LTE.Apple curiously calls it 2100 instead of AWS in the iPad specs.Very disappointed there's no band III (LTE 1800) for Australia, Europe and Asia.
Turn Voice Dialling off. If you leave VD on, it will start dialling people if you hold down the home button even if it is locked and in standby.
No. The magnetometer in the iPad requires much less power than the proximity sensor and can't be accidentally triggered no matter how you hold it. All iPad models have a magnetometer. The proximity sensor has an infrared beam and a small camera which would need to be powered all the time while it were not in use. Not going to happen.
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