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I'd love to see it unlocked too. It isn't subsidized, so it shouldn't be locked. Imagine if Macs were locked to one ISP!
yes it will
Can someone please explain how it contains 2 512Mbit SRAM dies, when the highest density SRAM available is 64 Mbit ?
Thankfully the HSDPA version of the iPhone won't need to shut off wireless because HSDPA doesn't cause this kind of interference.
Another reason I'm waiting for the HSDPA version of the iPhone - it won't give any interference.
cool, I guess this is the HSDPA version that Apple promised would follow "shortly" after the first version. This will be suitable for Europe, Japan, Korea and Australia!
Yes, Softbank and Docomo are HSDPA networks.
Yes, Japan has two HDSPA networks! There are over 100 HSDPA networks in 54 countries. All of the countries that Apple operates in. Most operate at 3.6Mbit/s, but some already run at 14.4Mbit/sec.
Remember, Apple officially announced that a HSDPA iPhone will follow "shortly". This certainly isn't the last iPhone! Korea and Australia have begun closing their CDMA networks and have put HDSPA networks in their place.
This predates iAlertU by over 2 years. I was thinking it was quite similar, but iAlertU was first released in April 2006.
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