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Same display. The old displays on the MacBook were 250 cd /m2 (nits) too. It used to be on one of the pages on the US site too (but not the one I saved before the launch).
Yes, the Zune, mobile phones, PSPs and most portable players support AAC.
Here's a test. http://asia.cnet.com/buyingguides/mp...9344168,00.htm
The reason your test showed better battery life than claimed is because you played unencrypted music instead of DRM encrypted music from the iTunes store. The additional processing required by the unencryption reduces the battery life closer to the claimed level.
The penryn family of chips includes chips for laptops and desktops. Yorkfield and Wolfdale are desktop. Montevina is the laptop family that includes a penryn-class processor.
65 x 65 = 4225 45 x 45 = 2025 The 45nm process is more than twice as dense as the 65nm process.
I think you mean 12MB on the quad core models, as they already contain 8MB of L2 cache. Penryn is set to have 6MB L2 cache on the dual core models.
And yet they sue because the iBuzz vibrator is too similar to an iPod??http://sexonmydesk.ivillage.com/love...a_lawsuit.html
There are many many ARM-based processor vendors, and only ARM-based chips have the power consumption to make this device possible. A Transmeta, Geode or VIA chip is an order of magnitude greater in power consumption. TI, Samsung, Marvell and others are options. This one looks quite good, here but I seem to think that it may use a discrete ATI Imageon or NVIDIA GoForce instead of an integrated accelerator.
That decides the Nokia N95 for me. It's 5MP, carl zeiss lens, autofocus with GPS mapping for 100 countries and 3.5G HSPDA. Out March 2007.
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