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Sure is
Robson is announced to be arriving with the Santa Rosa chipset, which is arriving in March 2007. Meroms this year will be using the same chipsets that Apple is using today ('napa' 945 series) which doesn't include Robson. Merom is a drop in replacement for laptops that already use yonah, no redesigning necessary. Isn't it great to have these schedules so open!
This article is incorrect regarding the french law. "Apple breathes easier over France's iTunes law: Parliament adopts diluted version of law, which could have prevented companies such as Apple from restricting content to their branded equipment" - Reuters "France tones down Apple iTunes threat" - Financial Times Sources: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/80f56f60-082...0779e2340.html http://money.cnn.com/2006/06/30/news...n=money_latest
Foxconn is easily Apple's closest manufacturing partner. They have been building Macs for Apple since at least the early nineties (pre Power Mac). Foxconn/Hon Hai used to build Macs at their facility in Singapore for years long before they started building stuff in China.Would Apple have done had this not been reported in the media?
I'd say you'd get pretty much the current iMac 17" dropping the standard wireless, using integrated graphics, and it'd be using the low-clocked 2MB cache Core 2 Duo E4200 (which costs MUCH less than todays Core Duos) and the remote (although the IR sensor may still be there) for US$899. The camera could still be there - it doesn't cost anything. 1.66GHz Core 2 Duo E4200 17" LCD Display 80GB HDD Combo Drive Cost Savings: No ATI Graphics processor No Video...
Hint: Apple is licensing technology from a company called Anoto to make their magic pen. I'm sure it will be a simple pen, not like the Ericsson one which has too many features and is too bulky.
OS X Builds Mar 1998 \tTitan 1P \tTitan 1Q Apr 1998 \tTitan 1S Jul 1998 \tAtlas 1J \tAtlas 1K Aug 1998 \tAtlas 1S Nov 1998 \tAtlas 1Y --------------- Feb 1999 \tHera 1L Mar 1999 \tHera 1O Apr 1999 \tBeaker 1L Aug 1999 \tBeaker 2I \tBeaker 2K Sep 1999 \tBeaker 2L \tBeaker 2J \tBeaker 2M \tBeaker 2N Oct 1999 \tBeaker 2O \tBeaker 2P --------------- Mar 2000 \tGonzo 1F Apr 2000 \tGonzo 1I \tGonzo 1J May 2000 \tKodiak 1B June 2000 \tKodiak 1C \tKodiak 1D July 2000 \tKodiak...
Trackpads work on your body's capacitance - "your aura", you don't even need to touch the surface, a few mm above it should still move the trackpad.
[quote]Originally posted by ZO: when does beta 11 go back to?
It's ancient. It's not beta 11 as such, but build 6B11. They are up to 6C28 as of last week.
[quote]Originally posted by Junkyard Dawg: take the $200 saved and buy an internal CD-RW drive,
but the imac has a cd-rw in the base model anyway...
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