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[quote]Originally posted by Junkyard Dawg: take the $200 saved and buy an internal CD-RW drive,
but the imac has a cd-rw in the base model anyway...
10.1.3 should be launched in February. 10.2 should be released in the May to July timeframe. 10.1.3 will be minor and be delivered via software update.
[quote]Originally posted by Amorph: I was under the impression that this was already the case. Also, ADC is basically an implementation of a public spec (whose name is escaping me), with a couple of tweaks. Third parties are releasing ADC monitors and adapters now, so it's not just an Apple thing.
ADC is Intel Plug and Display '97 with rounded edges on the connector and no FireWire, and no laptop charging power amongst other Apple...
[quote]Originally posted by Matsu: I see Apple had the good sense to move back to trays. I hate slots. Those mini CD single sized discs have even started to pop up on driver discs, err... Imagine them getting stuck ughh... Now if only they could put a tray on the TiBook!
They are standard CDs and they work in all CD drives. From Apple's TIL: Standard size and shape discs: The 77 mm and 120 mm round discs are the only size and shape...
[quote]Originally posted by MacAddict: The best feature of the Northwood is its fantastic overclocking—people can clock a 2GHz Northwood at 2.5GHz...with little temperature increase on the stock HSF.
And with a liquid cooling setup people are already overclocking these to over 3GHz with ease!!! Incredible. And next quarter they are introducing it with a 533MHz system bus! at speeds around 2.5GHz... Power Mac G4 has ~1.1GB/sec memory...
[quote]Originally posted by cooop: I hope to see a 64-bit Cocoa Finder but I don't know if it's too soon for this.
What good would the Finder being 64 bit be? I can see no imaginable benefit of this even when run on 64 bit hardware. And really ponder why you would want Cocoa. A well written Carbon application should outperform a Cocoa app. (keyword well written)
Mac OS X 10.2 is currently past 6B15. It most likely will be demoed at Macworld Tokyo in March and shipping in July and Macworld New York.
[quote]Originally posted by Mac_OS_X_Addict: What is the number for the Apollo chip??
Supposedly 7460
The 7441 and 7451 are errata-corrected versions of the 7440 and 7450 processors. Nothing special. There are many defects in the processors (you can download the list at mot.com) and the 7441 and 7451 have many of these problems corrected. Apple has some workarounds regarding the problems with multiprocessing incorporated in firmware, but those are unneccesary with the new chips. PS: PowerBooks 550 and 667 use 7440 chip (7451 would give no battery life!!!).
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