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The MacBook has 4 finger gestures.It's the first gesture shown on the MacBook Multitouch video!http://www.apple.com/macbook/features.htmlClick on the video under "Multi-Touch comes to MacBook"At the end, they go on and on about 4 finger gestures too.
It'll be a special build of 10.6.1
The new MacBook doesn't have an IR receiver anymore.... The new Mac mini and iMac have it though.
It's easy to install your own code, just install the provisioning profile on your phone (and up to 100 others). Your own apps don't need to abide by the App Store rules!
You can see there are built-in drivers for Huawei 3G modems in Snow Leopard, but they don't work yet. Hopefully they are up and running in 10.6.2 !
After consultation with staff and management of Woolworths and many hours of brainstorming, Hulsbosch developed the new logo combining the three key elements of the famous strap-line. ‘W’ for ‘Woolworths’, the colour green and fruit for ‘the fresh food’ and a person with arms in the air – food is energy for ‘people’. “I spent many weeks working up the best solution to create a totally fresh image for Australia’s clear retail leader, whose branding was lagging behind the...
Ummm. Woolworths is Australia's largest retailer and an iconic Australian brand that is much loved. They announced the rebranding with great fanfare over a year ago, why is Apple only noticing now.... It's also an iconic Australian brand calling itself Woolworths as a dare in 1924. Australians typically love this kind of cheeky behaviour and will totally side with much loved Woolworths over Apple in this battle. They will probably settle out of court and sell iPhones...
Of course it does. All 80+ official iPhone networks had MMS from day one except AT&T.
Yeah, it puts mainland China as one of the more expensive countries for iPhones.... More expensive than the Hong Kong, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore... (the only countries I know the prices outright of, and those are all officially unlocked!!)The officially unlocked ones in the wealthier Chinese province of Hong Kong are cheaper (?!?!?)It doesn't make sense. They have no reason to hike the price of unsubsidised phones, considering there is no other FDD-UMTS network in...
Yes, but that's more expensive than a 16GB 3GS in the UK with the massive VAT plus larger margins... It's even more expensive than an outright officially unlocked handset in Australia too!
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