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Good news. Reading your own list of songs isn't against the law let alone talking about reading it. Sheesh!
I'm surprised you can patent something like this. Surely it is just an obvious extension of things that have been around for a while like Shazam and Snaptell.
My Guess: Cortex A8 + PowerVR SGX 535 256MB RAM 16/32/64GB configurations Microphone Camera Silent Switch Voice Control
It's a really tough decision. H.264 may be technically superior, but it has such nasty licensing arrangement. I'd like not to have to pay someone to look at my own videos... The licensing fees that are upcoming for H.264 in 2010/2011 are shocking. They treat web video as a broadcast medium. Nasty. It's the H.264 licensing body that needs to make decoding royalty free. However, everyone adopting H.264 at this rapid pace just allows them to charge what they want.
Hopefully they add a microphone too.
Dude... This is the most incredible vulnerability!It lets me listen in to your microphone whereever you are just from knowing your phone number, without you knowing at all.It lets me check your location anytime and you can never tell.All you see is "No Service" instead of signal bars for a moment.It can also be used to create a botnet for attacking other phones or computers.The demos of it are very cool. This is a very high profile vulnerability... There is no workaround...
I kind of want to get one of these Psystar machines... They're quickly becoming a chapter in Apple's history.
Jailbreakers are saying it has the exact same X-Gold 608 as the iPhone 3G, just with 7.2 enabled. (It was disabled in the iPhone 3G)http://theiphonewiki.com/wiki/index.php?title=N88APIt makes sense since the 618, the successor to the 608 has HSUPA as well.
You have got to be joking.
Best news in Australia is it is going to be available on all 5 carriers!!
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