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They could have put turn by turn in if they wanted...
Hahaha.... Tell me you're joking (Still awake in Melbourne)
Well now the iPhone has matte glass, iPresume it will come to the MacBooks and iMacs...
Fool. It's not stereo anymore.
I see the Palm Pre is more like a test device for the operating system, it's only available for CDMA networks and can't be sold globally. The subsequent spins of the hardware - which will be sold globally and use UMTS networks will focus a little more on the hardware side. The incredibly short battery life shows that while the software is ahead of its time, the hardware isn't quite there yet.
Palm's cloud-based OS is a little too ahead of its time - the battery life is universally panned. Hopefully next iterations of the hardware will catch up to the software and give it great battery life too.
Moorestown on 45nm still isn't suitable power-consumption wise for a mobile phone. The 32nm shrink may well be suitable. ARM Cortex is certainly the way to go at the moment for this kind of device.
Apple's third-party iTunes Device Plug-in SDK is for syncing Music and Movies that aren't protected by DRM. The Palm Pre doesn't "sync" calendars or contacts with a computer at all. It is entirely cloud based.
It lets you add native iTunes syncing for hardware devices. Many device plugins for older Creative players etc... are even bundled in the install of the current version.These are the bundled plugins:http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2172Digital Players\tManufacturer\tConnectioniPod\tApple\tFireWire / USBNomad II\tCreative Labs\tUSBNomad II MG\tCreative Labs\tUSBNomad II c\tCreative Labs\tUSBNomad Jukebox\tCreative Labs\tUSBNomad Jukebox 20GB\tCreative Labs\tUSBNomad Jukebox...
The iTunes device plug-in SDK has been available since 2002 in fact....
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