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HSPA+ does 21Mbit today, 42Mbit later this year and 58Mbit next year.The first LTE chips support 150Mbit down, but the first release of the network standard supports over 320Mbit LTE-Advanced takes that to over a gigabit.
Look what happens when Steve's gone...
The 2009 iPhone is likely to have the X-GOLD 616:http://www.infineon.com/cms/en/produ...1a39470bb00555 It offers a 30% longer standby time, 7.2Mbit Downlink and 5.8Mbit uplink (perfect for sending videos). UMTS900 is used by two of the networks selling the iPhone in Australia, in addition to UMTS2100. They have both rolled out large UMTS900 networks which I am sure they will have been requesting support from Apple. However I'm not sure the X-GOLD 616 supports UMTS900.
Dudes, an LTE version of the iPhone won't happen until 2011. Following Infineon's roadmap if Apple adopts it aggressively. There will be an HSPA (7.2Mbit Downlink /5.8Mbit Uplink) version this year and an HSPA+ (21Mbit) version in 2010. Infineon's LTE (150Mbit downlink / 50Mbit uplink) baseband will be ready for devices shipping in 2011. If the agreement is reached in 2010, then that makes sense...
iphone's 2.x xnu version was kept in sync with Leopard's. What version of xnu is in 3.0? Run uname -a on a jailbroken 3.0 install.Leopard's garbage collection isn't there because it runs the garbage collector on the second core... Maybe when multi core Cortex CPUs come to the iPhone...For instance, Apple wasn't interested in porting the Nitro/"Squirrelfish Extreme" JIT to ARM, because they believed the RAM overhead would be greater than the performance benefits. However...
Omnivision means...... TrueFocus!! Infinite focus. Quite neat. Everything is in focus at all distances.
Now we just need the TV-out cable to work in Apps...... It works great with the built-in apps.
Well Safari 4 grabs this as a phishing site... But I guess a few people have to get caught out before it gets blacklisted...
The multi-carrier approach has been enourmously successful here in Australia! I hope they roll it out to the rest of the world. The only carrier that didn't get the iPhone here pays you money to buy one and have it officially unlocked and bring one over, with a special plan just for iPhone users! How cool is that!
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