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Do they really need this space just for offices? Yes. Microsoft is smaller than Apple, doesn't do much manufacturing, maintains a similar set of software products and services, designs fewer hardware products, doesn't have a retail operation to speak if, and employs about 110,000 people. At 200 square feet per person that would require 22,000,000 square feet of space. Not all of those would be located near corporate headquarters, but Apple likely needs more employees...
It's funny but sad and scary. There is a significant percentage of the population that feels this way - they are self-righteous and are also blind to the very real dangers of government intrusion into citizens privacy. They will volunteer to give up their own privacy, and by so doing, violate the rights of everyone else with impunity. This is what made Nazi German work so well.
This is primarily about getting out from under Google. Samsung needs to own it's OS if they want to make any money.
Congratulations, you win the booby prize! There were 82 posts in a row against the DOJ and you posted in support.BTW, the nude photos you suggest are the minor consequence of insecure data are much more likely to be of a teenage child, who unfortunately sexted and got hacked, then has a significant chance of committing suicide.
Thanks, Tim.
Could it be that iOS 7 is simply "good enough?" Scary thought.
The bulk of US debt is owned by US companies/institutions and individuals. China owns an inconsequential 8%.
It's not the FBI we should be concerned about. If police departments and the FBI can get into your phone then it is reasonable to assume that hackers, the Chinese government, customs and immigration, etc. will also be able to do the same, at will, without a warrant. A bunch of low-life hackers got into dozens of celebs accounts to steal extremely personal information. How many of our congressmen are now working for the Chinese government (or worse) because they are being...
Actually, a team of the most brilliant engineers who are all of the same background is certainly going to perform - as a group - at a lower level than a team of slightly less qualified but more diverse engineers. That is a good part of why the USA kicks butt against mono-cultural Chinese or Japanese technology companies - the USA has a long history of being more inclusive in the workplace than most other countries.Apple as an organization has a selfish interest in ensuring...
And of course you have the expertise to correlate the size of a sapphire factory with its output, right?$1B in revenues for over 200,000,000 devices per year averages $5 per device, and the watch face will cost a lot more. I don't see anything in the numbers (size of factory, Apple's investment, or GTAT projected revenue) that clearly indicates additional large volumes for Apple.
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