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I think the graphic is signaling one of two things: 1. Resolution independence (note the variable sized pixels) 2. IOS will be sensing the world beyond your device (the space outside the apple is now rainbow colored) You read it here first. Jon
That's the top of the apple and the leaf. I think it is signaling true resolution independence.
A new manufacturer. A new design. A new process. 250M+ CPUs needed in the next 12 months or Apple nearly disappears as a company. And Apple will save maybe $10 on the BOM if they go with TSMC.No news here, move along.Note, the NeXT(!) Apple device may very well use TSMC. A gaming-capable iTV processor would be perfect - low volumes, next gen tech, etc.
I have owned three JuicePacks and have seen the capacity fall off pretty dramatically over time. The problem is that the JuicePack discharges completely before the iPhone's battery kicks in, and Li-Ion batteries don't like 100% discharges.People who buy the JuicePack are heavy users and will typically discharge the JuicePack almost every day. Research indicates that a typical Li-ion battery loses 30% of its capacity after only 300 full discharges. So in a year you are in...
Agreed. What actually distinguishes the iOS ecosystem is the long tail of tens of thousands of very high quality paid apps.
Well, when a group of people who have historically been discriminated against uses legal means to attempt to acquire equal power, I say good luck. That is why we (the USA) came to be, after all, for those who have forgotten their history. And it is worth considering that the large majority of Apple's customers (at least in the US) are women. Got a problem with that?
We are not in complete disagreement. Last year 18% of JPMorgan's gross profits came from proprietary trading or similar investment strategies. This is not the majority of their income of course. Nevertheless, I assert that prop funds earn higher rates of return than even mixed prop/customer funds, never mind funds where the firm has very little stake except a management fee.
Sorry for your confusion. I know quite a lot about hedging and proprietary trading (and how they are completely different), and you obviously don't.To respond to your other point, if you (let's imagine you are a Wall Street firm) have $10B of client money to invest upon which you make 10% in management fees, and $1B of the firm's money to invest upon which you retain 100% of the earnings, on which fund (client or proprietary) are you going to employ your skilled traders...
Ummm, duh, many Wall Street firms make their biggest money on "prop" (proprietary) trading. They use their own (the firm's) money for this, and Wall Street is absolutely flooded these days with excess unobligated cash (because of the the Fed's QE program). These firms' proprietary traders often (usually?) are placing bets that are the exact opposite of the bets being made in the name of the firm's regular investors by the "fund manager" guy at the next desk. If funds as a...
By my calculation, a quadrupling of the current iPad's pixels on a 12.9" screen would require 396 PPI. That is not so far from the 326 PPI of the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini retina, and is within the technology capabilities of display manufacturers, for example there are even higher resolution products by HTC and LG. The challenge of course is the screen size and the yield at that size. But that is just a manufacturing problem - all the other pieces are in place, so if...
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