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And of course you have the expertise to correlate the size of a sapphire factory with its output, right?$1B in revenues for over 200,000,000 devices per year averages $5 per device, and the watch face will cost a lot more. I don't see anything in the numbers (size of factory, Apple's investment, or GTAT projected revenue) that clearly indicates additional large volumes for Apple.
I love the fashion show/catwalk idea. Makes perfect sense for the building shape (low sections of the building are backstage changing areas). But Apple usually does products that others have already tried, only they do them much better. There is not much wearable tech clothing out there yet.
Actually, they are the brightest peas in the pod. Physical attractiveness has been shown to be positively correlated with intelligence in numerous studies.Sorry to insult your intelligence, but your assumption is dumb, sexist prejudice.
Wish We Could Say More but The FBI, NSA and US Secret Courts are Preventing Us.... from telling the people of the USA WTF is going on. Therefore we are releasing the most secure computing device in history.....
OK, I'll bite. 1. White invitation for medical. 9.9.2014 represents data (medical data). 2. "Wish we could say more." = the privacy of your bioinformation. Possibly also other privacy issues/features, which Apple excels at, and remember NSA was the largest technology news story in recent memory if not in all of history, AND Apple was embarrassed by accusations of complicity. 3. The Flint Center venue is a perfect place for real performances (sorry Tim). Attendees are...
From http://www.innovationmanagement.se/imtool-articles/why-diversity-is-the-mother-of-creativity/ "Arguably, one of the most important ingredients for creative thinking is diversity. We all know that diverse teams produce more creative results than teams in which all members are from a similar background. Tests have shown that the one sure-fire way of improving your creativity is to move abroad. Not travel, but move. Living in a new culture, learning new ways of doing...
My point is that the "Android operating system", undifferentiated by version, mods, ability to be updated etc. is a completely irrelevant number to anything in the known universe.
It is far past time for analysts to differentiate the Google Play platform from the bastardized versions of Android AOSP running on most phones in Asia and even on Amazon's devices. "Android" alone has zero relevance to understanding the market for apps, services and even hardware.
Since I was assaulted on the sidewalk in a busy part of the city in April by smartphone theives, even though I have an iPhone that was bricked within 1/2 hour. This wouldn't have happened if all smartphones had a kill switch.
I think the graphic is signaling one of two things: 1. Resolution independence (note the variable sized pixels) 2. IOS will be sensing the world beyond your device (the space outside the apple is now rainbow colored) You read it here first. Jon
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