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Only if the desktop Mac has a touch screen.  Many useful little Apps become awkward to use with keyboard and mouse.
 Research institutes, such as WARF, do research and license the technology to other companies.  If the patented technology is useless, no company will license it and WARF will go on do more researches and patent more technologies.  The responsibility of WARF is to come up with possible useful patents and in turn other companies will pay to license the usage.  This is how research institutes benefit the society.  WARF will not sue Apple if Apple agreed to some type of...
 It's just like you pay taxes to gov't to spend on things you'll never use or get benefit of.
 Is this running iOS or OSX?  I can't ditch my mbp if this is running iOS.  
 It's always the Apple strategy to get ahead of the curve, the profit...
Maybe I'll try Apple pay when I upgrade to iphone 6.  For now, cash is still the king, accepted everywhere, even for the poors on the street.  And no worry for credit card number and private info being stolen.
 Office politics?  I've seen too many promotions but in reality were demotions in disguise.
Just got a company issued iphone6.  Can I transfer files between it and my iphone5 w/o internet and w/o any special apps installed (not allowed to install any apps on the company phone)?  by just using the bluetooth?  My buddy said sure, but couldn't figure out how.
 Over 16% pop up today.  Nice jackpot for you in 1 day.
 What's Apple side of story?  I'm searching on the web but  couldn't find any story related to this from Apple.  Do you have a link?  It'll be really helpful to hear Apple side of story.  If it's not Apple's fault and it's already got patched, i really want to know.
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