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 Office politics?  I've seen too many promotions but in reality were demotions in disguise.
Just got a company issued iphone6.  Can I transfer files between it and my iphone5 w/o internet and w/o any special apps installed (not allowed to install any apps on the company phone)?  by just using the bluetooth?  My buddy said sure, but couldn't figure out how.
 Over 16% pop up today.  Nice jackpot for you in 1 day.
 What's Apple side of story?  I'm searching on the web but  couldn't find any story related to this from Apple.  Do you have a link?  It'll be really helpful to hear Apple side of story.  If it's not Apple's fault and it's already got patched, i really want to know.
That's too much drain on my data plan.  I don't want to use my data plan every time I want to see my photos or listen to my music.
 Bulk of idevice profit goes to Apple.  Not the carriers.
Hope the unlimited, free photo storage will be provided by Apple as well...
Here is goes:   when you give a cookie to a mouse. The mouse asks for a glass of milk...
Because Apple partners with Pearson for the project.  When your partner couldn't deliver, you're blamed too.
Not treating the same to the poors.  Apple is discriminating those who can't come up with the dough and the homeless people too.  I saw a homeless person (by the look of him, shabby wardrobe, poor personal hygiene) trying to get into the Apple store but refused at the door.
New Posts  All Forums: