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 Just be careful with the joggers passing you having an airport sensor charging you a jogging fee.
 So apple claims that the CIA is a malicious hacker.  The next step should be a law suit.
Apple just raising price for the sake of raising price.  It's not bring the foreign income back to the US anyway.  Just wait and see if the price will drop when the US exchange rate is going the other way.
IRS loves all the marriage tax penalty.
"battle plans always look great until you meet the enemy." Just don't be the first wave to become ashes. Stand with the general at the far far back.
 So we all agree with the lawyers who filed the class action lawsuit.  Without them, Apple will not admit the problem, and many will be left in the cold.  Apple is doing the right thing only after a lawsuit, so sad.
 WTO cannot afford to not have China.  It's too big to be kicked out.  If China got kicked out of WTO, countries around China will leave WTO with China and form another trade organization.  It'll be a disaster for everyone. 
More draining of the battery?
What happened to all the new energy technologies?  Wrist movement should be able to charge the watch.  Solar/light should be able to charge the watch.  Body warmth should be able to charge the watch.  There are technologies already commercialized in watches for years.
Until Apple comes in, this thing is not going to fly.
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