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Why did Microsoft port Office to Apple's iOS iPad before Android? Simple, MS was working on iOS porting before Android.  And of course, it would be released before Android.
""kid's toys" or video players" - Hmm.. I'm using my ipad the same way.  must be missing something.
VR is cool, but hard to commercialize at this stage. Mark is just buying an expensive entertainment for himself.
Another feature to kill the battery?  
 I used to believe that.  But now with lots stuff in my phone, I wish I could use SD card to store all the photos and videos instead of always running out of space and need to sync with my mbp.  Yeah, syncing up to cloud is another option but it eats up my bandwidth fast, or i have to constantly looking for free wifis...
The title forgot to say:  in the U.S. I wonder what's the data for the global market?
 uh, photos/videos always stored in 32GB or 64GB mSD cards.  you can bring a bunch when travelling.  For me, i try to upload to clouds to free space on my iphone, but cost a lot of my monthly bandwidth allowance...  I always have to bring my "other" camera on trips to take thousands of photos. Apple doesn't want to upgrade the camera pixels I think it's because of the storage problem.
People leave their CC info at Apple ID account?  Why?  just buy cash cards at Frys when they're on sale.
 I thought Apple always has the bargaining power.  When did that table turned?
That's the reason I never upgrade to a new iOS unless it's out 6 months after all the bugs are ironed out and all the rants are known.  People who did, screwed by Apple.  From what I know,  it'll be difficult to downgrade.
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