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That's a Corning marketing strategy.  Selling it's newest Gorilla 4 to Apple.
 Where do you live?  The numbers are for worldwide.  It's a different story in the US.  I don't see too many ipads when I travel to Asia or Europe.
Next step:  dump Intel chips in iMacs and MBPs in 2015.
Trust no one.  Always use fake IDs when you're in the cloud.  Have an alternate life or lives when you're online.
 Sounds like the 9/11 was all about gov't conspiracy using it as an excuse to spy on Americans.  EIther the terrorists succeeded as you said or the gov't succeeded in collecting all private information of the mass, or they both succeeded and the American people lost big.  I guess I'll use my cell much less now.  I think i can survive w/o my cell phone.
 That's Apple's business strategy.  If the touch ID and 2GB were in last year's model.  There won't be an Air 2 this year.
hey, it's a free service, use at your own risk.  I don't think you're forced to use iMessage if you have an iphone.
lesson learned:  once you use an iphone, you should stay with iphone.
Only android people still uses facebook.
 Software can always be upgraded and supported, just will be running a little "slower" on the 5 yr old hardware.  Who knows, if it's still working after 50 yrs., it may summon a few millions for you.
New Posts  All Forums: