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Google is not into innovation.  Google's strategy is bringing technology to the mass for free/low price.  Any I think Google is failing.  Seems like people on food stamps are buying iphone 6.  (know a few people like that personally.)  What a subsidy from the gov't.
Apple thought people were smart enough to know nothing in the cloud is secure.  I think in the user agreement term something like users are responsible for their own security was there.  I have to go back and re-read the agreement.  But so far no one is suing Apple for unsecured iCloud.
I wonder why this wasn't an issue with the large screen phones before?  Or it has always been an issue? How about an upgrade to phone 6S+ as bendable flex phone.  I'm waiting for that next release.
 back up data.  wipe it clean. and re-install the old iOS, reload the data back.  Will take about a day of work.  Just give thanks to Apple for taking a sick day off.
no product is green.  Just one form or another.
We'll see how secure is Apple Pay.  I'll pass until it's beta tested for at least a year.
SJ was wrong when he said any size smaller than ipad was useless, now Apple has the ipad mini. SJ was wrong when he said that no one will buy a big screen phone, now Apple has the iphone6+. I wonder what's the next thing that SJ was wrong about.  I miss him... 
I like the car analogy.  It charges as you drive.The smart watch should charge as you walk or move.  
Only $349!  Wow, i thought it'll be $3490 like a Rolex.  Maybe I'll sell 3 shares of AAPL when it gets to $130 to buy this.
Just wait for iWatch2 in 2016
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