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lesson learned:  once you use an iphone, you should stay with iphone.
Only android people still uses facebook.
 Software can always be upgraded and supported, just will be running a little "slower" on the 5 yr old hardware.  Who knows, if it's still working after 50 yrs., it may summon a few millions for you.
 Yes, i agree, private life should be private, not "public".
You mean Apple=Google?Best to just get the app to report fake info.
Get rid of the physical switch just to save manufacturing cost like 50c.
Cloud is not safe.  I only use it for files which I can lose and i don't care if the world sees it.
Jony, please design something new.  Small ipad and large screen iphone are hardly anything to brag about.  SJ hated and ridiculed them, remember?
Typical corporate strategy.  GTAT just got mugged.
 No.  Linux would be a much better choice.  
New Posts  All Forums: