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 For one reason or another, Apple is always conservative on providing guidance.  The market is expecting Apple to exceed the guidance by a good amount and it reflected in the price.  Once that expectation was not met, the stock price tanks.  This game has been played like this for so many quarters.  Nothing new.
 I believe Google sees this as an easy way to get into people's home with Samsung's electronics.
 Yes, typical for windows machine but not Apple.  Unless Apple has gone the windows way too...
Glad I sold mine on ebay few months back.
 The target of uncarrier 4 is those people who are under contract but want to be out early.  Trade-in is an option.
Blackberry is suing Typo for this keyboard.
We don't know the internal of iOS7.  Maybe it is easier to monitor than the old versions if Apple was secretly coerced and cooperated with NSA?  Remember the NYPD was encouraging people to update to iOS7 when it came out?
If you're planning to buy a pro, buy it now.  It's the best value when it comes out.  Don't wait for 6 months when the prices of all components come down and Apple will still charge the same price for the same pro.  Then wait for the next refresh instead.  
I wouldn't call it "innovate".  It's certainly the next step.  Apple just took the lead and came out with the 64bit faster than others.  Good work.
Now these 15 execs will secretly team up with the NSA to enhance the data collection and mining.  The day of open internet is gone...
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