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Apple's giving up on cats?
I agree.  Same phone can have different cases.  But I doubt the watch will have case as an accessory.  It'll be really weird to run into friends wearing the same style of watch but maybe different colors.  "hey, we're wearing the matching watch today! and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and ..."
If Apple can really sell MacBook Air Touch at the IPAD PRICE, MS won't exist anymore.
Maybe Apple will test the market by releasing 2 versions of mbp or imacs: the current Intel based and the new ARM based.
Just the opposite.  LQMT is about to be delisted from NASDAQ. ($0.2 last quote)
Can they pick a better name?  gnome is the popular Linux UI.  I doubt gnome can run in ipad.
  Privacy?  Data mining?  for what?  Why people still use their real data when dealing with Google?  Just get the free stuff and feed Google with ton of fake info.  Alternate identity is the way to internet security.
You'll find that the new 2014 mbp looks so similar to your 2008 one. 
At least it should provide as an option to auto refresh or refresh on demand.  It kills my monthly data plan allowance.
I wonder how Apple tracks new users or upgrade users?  
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