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Yeah, that'll be a change of wireless landscape.  Apple should also tie all idevices to their own wireless service.  All others will get androids only.  Really something for Apple to think about.
Sad news.  Now when i use my iphone this news pops into my mind...  Have to get over with it. 
Apple can just survey the developers to see who wants to participate the program and developers may also limit the number of "free" copies to give out.  And Apple can display a special page for people to choose their own likes.  Every day is different for 12 days.  That'll be more interesting.
 Nothing is illegal for the NSA.  It has total power over everything on the world.  I guess strong encryption is the only counter measure.
Lawyers are the ones getting the pure profit at the end, doesn't matter the outcome. heck, the country is run by bunch of lawyers anyway.
Nice rendering scenes.  It'll become a landmark in SF after it's finished.
 I didn't say LTPS is the standard but I would say ipad air is the standard and mini retina color is just not as good as the standard ipad air.  Just go to an Apple store and see for your self.  Apple certainly could make the mini retina color the same as the ipad air, could they?  But instead they'll keep it for the next mini refresh.  That's my point.
Yes, as we know the real tech savvy ones are on androids.
When will this USB3.1 be available?
 Exactly.  Not much innovation from Apple after SJ.  It's so obvious with the ipad mini.  First generation no retina display because Apple wanted to keep it as a feature for the 2nd generation.  Then the 2nd generation has sub-standard color problem because it'll be "improved" with the 3rd generation and then consumer may get the touch id with the 4th generation...
New Posts  All Forums: