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 Open source ones are free.   Yes, use the popular ones which have excellent online forums and resources for support.  
What?? Twitter is selling all the tweets?  That's it.  I'm going to encrypt all my tweets from now on.
Apple will have a touch screen notebook in 2 years just like they're going to have a large screen iphone next year.
Nothing new with the larger screen.  Just making developers work harder to accommodate the different screen sizes.
Swapping paper books with tablet/ipad is not ready for prime time for another few years.  Yes, using tablet/ipad as an addition to paper books is already here. School can't afford to have an IT department to deal with all the tablet/ipad problems.  Maybe schools near Apple stores can just gather all the problem ipads and shuttle to the Apple stores for support.     And then, how do you deal with accidental damage by the students?  Books are cheap to replace.  And schools...
 So much with all the technical terms...  maybe just put an iphone 5s next to the rmini with a colorful image and you'll see the difference.Apple is keeping the true sRGB for the next mini refresh.  Something has to give when it's called mini.
Best way to stop it?  Just don't buy/use anything that's "smart".  Unless you're smarter to hack the devices.
5c is used to boost the sale of 5s.
Don't worry, most people are not aware of this "small but apparent" non-issue. The retina mini will sell more units than the ipad air.  But personally I'll skip this generation. Apple is saving the true sRGB display with DeltaE the same as or better than the ipad air for the next refresh.  Just like they saved the retina display for this generation of mini.
How about a powerful heavy duty vacuum cleaner WITH the ability to convert to a portable vacuum cleaner when needed.
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