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Apple thought people were smart enough to know nothing in the cloud is secure.  I think in the user agreement term something like users are responsible for their own security was there.  I have to go back and re-read the agreement.  But so far no one is suing Apple for unsecured iCloud.
I wonder why this wasn't an issue with the large screen phones before?  Or it has always been an issue? How about an upgrade to phone 6S+ as bendable flex phone.  I'm waiting for that next release.
 back up data.  wipe it clean. and re-install the old iOS, reload the data back.  Will take about a day of work.  Just give thanks to Apple for taking a sick day off.
no product is green.  Just one form or another.
We'll see how secure is Apple Pay.  I'll pass until it's beta tested for at least a year.
SJ was wrong when he said any size smaller than ipad was useless, now Apple has the ipad mini. SJ was wrong when he said that no one will buy a big screen phone, now Apple has the iphone6+. I wonder what's the next thing that SJ was wrong about.  I miss him... 
I like the car analogy.  It charges as you drive.The smart watch should charge as you walk or move.  
Only $349!  Wow, i thought it'll be $3490 like a Rolex.  Maybe I'll sell 3 shares of AAPL when it gets to $130 to buy this.
Just wait for iWatch2 in 2016
Doesn't matter what Apple do to iCloud, i'll still keep my encryption process for all files sending to the cloud.  Any file that's not worthy to be encrypted are those you don't mind to be seen by the public.
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