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You mean even the apple site is giving the wrong info?  
Totally agree.  Why stop the information which the users are looking for and at the same time not providing the useful one-place-seeing-all info on their own website.  Bad PR.
Exactly.  DOA.  Only for people using mac but don't have iphone.  That's pretty rare.  Usually it's the other way around.
Do not run your business with ipad if it's a customer facing business.  2 ipads got stolen from my business by customers and none has been stolen so far after I changed to samsung.
Didn't know Air has a lower density.  I thought "Retina" display has highest density everywhere.  Maybe I'll wait for the retina mini.  The density sure will be higher there.
Exactly.  That means Apple is in a more competitive market for ipad/tablet, but enjoys an easy lead in iphone.
 True.  But NSA obtains emails, cell comms, social media posts, etc., all illegally.  What else NSA couldn't do.
 Cool.  I'll wait for ipad6 then and pass on ipad5 this time.
iPad mni with retina display??  not available publicly yet.
Why hurting Samsung's sales/profits is good?  Many financially less fortunate people depends on Samsung to provide less expensive products.
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