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Hmm... the multitasking thing seems useful.  At times, i wish i don't have to hang up on facetime o check on my email or search on google for something at that moment.  maybe i'll check it out at Fry's this weekend.  Hope the next gen ipad can have multitasking.
No profit smart phones are for people who can't afford the premium.  But that's not what Apple is after.   However, if the gap between the no profit phones and iphone becomes smaller and smaller, Apple may start to loose market share when the smart phone market is saturated.
So, Tim does listen to Carl at the end.  Hope Carl won't start dumping now when price is back up to the 520 range.
This guy is trying to average buy to lower the base of what he bought a week ago.  If Apple doesn't listen to him for the buy back program, watch out that he may start to dump the shares.  If he's really into long term investment, he should have patient and not pressure Apple so hard on buy back.
 For one reason or another, Apple is always conservative on providing guidance.  The market is expecting Apple to exceed the guidance by a good amount and it reflected in the price.  Once that expectation was not met, the stock price tanks.  This game has been played like this for so many quarters.  Nothing new.
 I believe Google sees this as an easy way to get into people's home with Samsung's electronics.
 Yes, typical for windows machine but not Apple.  Unless Apple has gone the windows way too...
Glad I sold mine on ebay few months back.
 The target of uncarrier 4 is those people who are under contract but want to be out early.  Trade-in is an option.
Blackberry is suing Typo for this keyboard.
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