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 I thought Apple always has the bargaining power.  When did that table turned?
That's the reason I never upgrade to a new iOS unless it's out 6 months after all the bugs are ironed out and all the rants are known.  People who did, screwed by Apple.  From what I know,  it'll be difficult to downgrade.
Great move!  Why run windows on a mac machine?  Just let windows machine run windows and mac machine run macs.  If one really wants to run both, run vm.
I love Apple's design.  But sometimes they went over too much emphasizing design over endurance.  My mbp charger was so flimsy.  I think it was designed to break when it's more than a year old.  I'm on my third one starting last week.
I hate to see Apple going with the Sammy way...  
 Uh, i think this has been gone through before.  Just make iphone expandable with a 128gb card, problem solved.  
What?  You don't encrypt your data before sending to the cloud?  Dropbox doesn't scan but hackers will.  Better encrypt than sorry.Of course, if just movies and songs, scan or not, I don't care.
 It's the perfect time to get rid of the inventory and prepare for the 6.
 Really?  Everything's free?  I better check it out...
 Sorry, I don't see any setting like that in my preferences...Oops, i need to update iOS then.
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