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Why people worry about info sending to servers somewhere?  I never use any real info on my phone.  They can get whatever they want.  Everything is made up.  Even the location is fake by using an app faking the location info.  Stop using your real info on the phone.  You're trusting your phone more than yourself?
This is a corporate strategy to invest heavily now to show a loss.  This will reduce the stock price and allow insiders to buy in more at low point.  When the investment starts to reap profit, the stock will skyrocket again.  Watch the insiders' move closely for the next 12 months.
 Totally agree.  Here comes "mini" loans of $600-$800 for smart phones by the carriers (I think TM is already doing it).  Instead of contract penalty, the carriers will be the creditors so the users have to pay back even after switch.  I won't guess if it'll be good or bad for the phone makers...
According to the words, there will be no locked contract or at least no penalty contract: "The U.S. House signed off on Senate Bill 517, a proposed law that would enable cellular device users to unlock their hardware and switch to a competing carrier without penalty, something that is currently illegal..."
That's what a beta program is for.  I won't call them morons but Apple's "free testers".  There should be a lot more than 10k people who're willing to spend a day to beta test the new OS.  
X-file.  Gov't NSA conspiracy in action.  Use only fake info on your phone and download the app that can send fake location info to protect your whereabouts.  The big brother is watching you -->
 3D printed metal parts are the future.
How is this different than streaming radio over the internet?
A pattern to combat the shrinking market of desktop...
 Don't worry.  The user would need to sign the liability waver when activating the skateboard every time.  The lawyers would have nothing.
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