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Using 4 year old software?  That's hardly the Apple's way.  Hardware I can understand but downgrade to a 4 yo software?
 I was planning to upgrade my MBP, but I think I'll wait for the next refresh.
From high school to graduate school, most students prefer using Word and Excel.  Of course there is the open office and Apple stuff, but W and E are pretty much dominating the campuses.
fine with iphone4 iOS6.  seems like another bug with iOS7. still waiting for more bugs to be killed before i'll upgrade.
 Hmm... you're making me think twice about upgrade.Maybe Maverick is design for easier NSA tracking...  paranoid. 
"Free" at its best work!  See if Windows will follow...
Hmm.. interesting claim.  I'll have to try the surface to see if I can really be productive...
What!?  AI is trying to tell people to skip paying sales tax?  Legally buying out of state goods, people should pay sales tax (or in CA they call it the use tax) by filing their sales tax return or state income tax return.  Yeah, I know not many people are doing that as required by state law.  But tell people not to do it because it saves money is another thing.  I would expect better from AI instead of telling people to do tax evasion.
 I think Apple keeps all the foreign currency in foreign land to avoid taxes.  There is nothing to absorb other than on books when doing financial reporting.
 That's saved for the next refresh.  Can't have everything in one shot.  Then it'll be nothing new next time.Or the manufacture can't supply that many touchid for iphone 5s and ipad air at the same time.  Anyway, just wait for the next refresh which may be only 7 month away like ipad 3 to 4.
New Posts  All Forums: