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 Sorry, I don't see any setting like that in my preferences...Oops, i need to update iOS then.
  I  don't think it's appropriate here on AI.Just type "bypass Activation Lock" in your browser search box and you'll see many "how to".
Apple doesn't manufacture the ipads either.  Foxconn does.
 It's clear in the article why Apple got sued: "Central to the plaintiff's argument is the fact that other businesses use POS systems that feature tactile key inputs, some of which have braille or other raised markings to denote numbers. Because Apple uses a flat capacitive touchscreen, visually impaired customers cannot independently navigate the on-screen UI when entering a debit card PIN." Also I don't like the email receipt.  can i just get a paper receipt right on the...
No changes will be made. Apple:  Shop online instead or pay online and pick up at the store.
Exactly!  Why the smokers have to go outside in the cold to smoke.  That's  discrimination.  You say because tobacco is bad for health.  Prove it.  There is no direct prove so far.  If there is, cigarette would have already been banned by the FDA.
If the bill is discriminating.  The federal court will have the final say.  
 AppleInsider is not a news site.  It's pro-Apple and everything about Apple and has the right to publish editors' opinions and biases.  If you want unbiased articles, go somewhere else.
Several of my friends using iphone had their email compromised in the last 6 months.  I'm paranoid and had to setup some fake emails to use on my iphone to avoid my real emails got hacked.  What a pain.  Maybe smart phone is not for me, or I'm just too paranoid...
New Posts  All Forums: