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Best way to stop it?  Just don't buy/use anything that's "smart".  Unless you're smarter to hack the devices.
5c is used to boost the sale of 5s.
Don't worry, most people are not aware of this "small but apparent" non-issue. The retina mini will sell more units than the ipad air.  But personally I'll skip this generation. Apple is saving the true sRGB display with DeltaE the same as or better than the ipad air for the next refresh.  Just like they saved the retina display for this generation of mini.
How about a powerful heavy duty vacuum cleaner WITH the ability to convert to a portable vacuum cleaner when needed.
Yes, $100 from 16GB to 32GB is clearly a ripoff.  Anyway, Apple is happy because people don't care about the $100.
 But the mini has a much higher pixel density.
Not possible, unless you hook up a listening tag to your heart.  The movements that M7 trying to monitor interferes too much with the wrist pulse.  It'll be a very inaccurate heart rate monitor.
Exactly.  A toy project for TC.
"working hard"?  who's working hard to meet the demand?  definitly not Apple.   Apple is working hard to create the demand, but the factory workers are the ones who are really working hard to meet the demand.
 What?  No, last time I checked, OSX server version is not free and business always needs to pay for support.  that's how the free or cheap business hardware/software makes money.
New Posts  All Forums: