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There must be something more...  AAPL drops over 4%.
 Agree.  It'll be interesting to see bunch of people charging their watches at the airport.  
Agree.  Can't imagine people around you are wearing the same watch style, like company issued uniform.  iphone is different because there are so many different cases on the market.   Apple should have 10-15 different styles to choose from.  I guess by 9/9 we'll find out.
 So is NFC a rumor again this time?
 The special $750 student macbook is the answer.  Buy in bulk maybe Apple will give another 10% discount.
It'll be interesting to find out the outcome.  I thought we're in a drought in CA.  I guess not.  Water/Ice all around...
 iOS wasn't developed with multi-user in mind.  It'll need a major redesign of iOS to support multi-user natively.  Maybe the merge of iOS with OSX will provide smooth multi-user experience.  We'll have to wait and see.
This is really unexpected from Apple... sad... for the people who're suffering from this problem.  Maybe from now on, Apple won't go that extra step for all its loyal customers.  All the premium we pay are going into aapl investors' pocket.  Buy aapl and use the profit to fix or buy apple products.  That's my strategy. 
Innovation happens everyday without patents.
I have to agree with this.  It's really a problem.  When there is no internet connection, it's so difficult to transfer files from ipad to my mbp.  I have to look for the cable if i remember to bring it or try to ask around to borrow one.  Why can i just use bluetooth?  my mbp has bluetooth and my ipad has bluetooth.  Am i missing something?  Or do i need to download an app to do that?  (this is a real question, please let me know if there is an app allows bluetooth file...
New Posts  All Forums: