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I was trying to reply to a comment on here but couldn't find it after I logged in. I love BMW's. They're my favorite make. Amazing cars. Drive beautifully. Even look beautiful. But, the BMW i3 is the second-ugliest car I have ever seen (the first is the Nissan Leaf). I agree that it was great that they broke a lot of conventions building it, but they should've gone the same route as Tesla and designed a car that actually has style. I'm currently on a list to pickup...
How pissed are people and investors going to be if all of these rumors are completely wrong and the next iPhone only has a 4" screen like it does now?? I mean, I'm up for an upgrade so this fall, I'm getting one, but I'm not going to be disappointed, personally, if the screen size doesn't change, but I think the tech pundits will. The neatest rendering of an iPhone 6 that I saw and liked had a screen that literally went to the edges and you could see the edge of the...
I'm perfectly fine with a "foreign" companies owning a US-based company. That's the market. Besides, T-Mobile is a German company. I was all for the AT&T acquisition as it set me up, as an AT&T customer, for a large boost in service.If the opposite had been attempted (T-Mobile acquire AT&T) and had been shot down and this was about SoftBank acquiring AT&T now, I'd have said the same thing.
This irritates me. A Japanese company is allowed to aquire Sprint, but AT&T was blocked from purchasing T-Mobile because it was anticompetitive? I was super excited for AT&T and T-Mobile to merge! That would have been a huge boom for customers!
I wonder if this would open an iPod-touch-based platform for loading crypto-keys into aircraft? That's be a huge step up from what they use now.
I agree completely. I was bothered by the fact that Mr. Wozniak said it wasn't like anything that had actually happened, so I'm already biased against it. And, Kutcher sounded like a fool using "like" in the manner in which he did.
And if you could avoid paying taxes, you wouldn't? This is why we need a National Sales Tax instead of an income tax. I.E. http://www.fairtax.org/
I agree with you. Personally, I'm waiting until next year - the 3.0 update is good enough for me! -Lex
Like I said, I had heard about original iPhone users being allowed to upgrade for free to the iPhone 3G - all they had to do was turn in their original phone. We'll see what happens. Maybe AT&T will give a bit of a discount?You lucky dog! I wish the Navy would provide me with a phone! As for the tablet - I hope that Apple announces it Monday, though I don't expect it. If anything, the supposed media event that Steve Jobs will likely make his "comeback" at may very...
As much as I'd like to see it, I doubt it. It would be a complete surprise, though as most have anticipated this as an eventuality, it's not been anticipated in THIS update. It would be a pleasant surprise! What I'm wondering is this: if we own an iPhone now, will we be allowed to turn it in and upgrade for free much like the iPhone to iPhone 3G? I was told that original owners were allowed to get the 3G for free (I never owned an original). Any thoughts?
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