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I am getting more and more confident of Apple Pay Success. I mean, how an Apple product/service can be successful without a false controversy. Looking at all those "faults" or "failures" of Apple products and then their sales numbers, I was a bit demoralised to see that Apple pay was launched without a glitch. Now we have the missing part to the success. Well done, people. Looks the competitors and pundits are still learning.
 So was the Antennegate, Bendgate, and Whatevergate. If any of these where true, then Apple would have a thousands, if not millions of iPhones returned. Do you think people would continue to use iPhones if they can't receive network signals? After millions claims on the Internet about iPhone bending, it appears that less than 10 people (Apple says 9) actually reported to Apple about the problem. Would you keep using your iPhone and not returned it if it bend like that. I...
Probably he meant "phone's location", not "phone's home location"
And nobody will pay them to destroy their new phones.
Don't hold your breath. Apple is not going to distribute GS6 or pay people to buy them and then smash the GS6 to stain their competitor. It is not Apple's style of Marketing.
Absolutely Not. This is not "Mobile Handset/Device Congress", it is Mobile World Congress. It deals with a lot of things and Devices/Handsets is juts a little part of it. Although Samsung and some other vendors do launch their products here because all mobile operators participate in this event and this is a chance to showcase their products here in front of their biggest clients, the operators. The event do not have any special favor to Android. It seems the writer have...
After complaining that iPhones are "small" for almost 2 years and Phablets are stealing away market share, now suddenly iPhones are too big ! I win or you lose. Now decide.
Now that Apple decided not to use these materials, this matter will put to rest by the media. No article/blog will be published by anybody criticizing others for using these chemicals.   No matter how many companies use them, only Apple's use of them is newsworthy and criticized.
I will keep buying from Amazon.   1. I got products at low cost, 2. I don't care if Amazon is making money or not. 3. I care even less for the stupids who invested in a company with P/E Ratio of 500. If you allow others to do the thinking on behalf of you, you always end up allowing them to rip you off. Sorry for the harsh words but this is reality.
 The Media needs to make money. So, they will print whatever their sponsors (advertisers, paid articles) want them to write. Do you believe the media hates Apple? No they don't. They just have to write these stories because they are paid for it.
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