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After complaining that iPhones are "small" for almost 2 years and Phablets are stealing away market share, now suddenly iPhones are too big ! I win or you lose. Now decide.
Now that Apple decided not to use these materials, this matter will put to rest by the media. No article/blog will be published by anybody criticizing others for using these chemicals.   No matter how many companies use them, only Apple's use of them is newsworthy and criticized.
I will keep buying from Amazon.   1. I got products at low cost, 2. I don't care if Amazon is making money or not. 3. I care even less for the stupids who invested in a company with P/E Ratio of 500. If you allow others to do the thinking on behalf of you, you always end up allowing them to rip you off. Sorry for the harsh words but this is reality.
 The Media needs to make money. So, they will print whatever their sponsors (advertisers, paid articles) want them to write. Do you believe the media hates Apple? No they don't. They just have to write these stories because they are paid for it.
  Agreed. I dont see the need to lock down the charging cable. From last week, my original Lightning Cable that came with my iPhone 5 starts throwing the message - "This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone". I can understand if third-party cables may not work properly but it is very much disappointing to see original accessories going broke.
  Humans are complex - they are both adaptive and resistnce to change. You change anything significantly, people will cry out loud. After the initial outburst, people go on with their life (in Steve's view they "get a life"). And not long after, people start complaining about the stale and bornedom with their currnet things. After some time, you change it back to the previous and you will see the same outburst. This is a cycle. And due to the Internet where lying (some...
Crying out loud here will not change anything. I doubt Judges or DoJ read Appleinsider.   Why dont we buy some books of Hachette from iBooks to show that iBooks is a profitable platform as well. Amazon is able to play foul things because sales is not high in iBooks Store. Let's show them.   No amount of money can prevent me from legally purchase a book from iBooks and help the publishers/authors earn some well deserved money.
By Millions. There are too many useful features missing and unnecessary complexities in Pages and Numbers. Also when you are sending documents or spreadsheets to someone else, you want to be sure that it will retain formatting and fuctionality. Only MS Office can guarantee that.
It certainly looks good that Apple is taking positive steps to correct Maps. However, Apple needs to understand that Maps was, still is, and will be a crowdsourced development. Having the largest number of most talented engineers working on Maps will NOT outwight the value of millions ordinary people who continuously add/correct Maps data.   Many people rightly pointed out that Google Maps was no better than Apple Maps in the begining. In fact it was in most ways much...
I manage the device business of a large carrier. Last month the leading handset seller in our country decided to quit selling Tablets as sales is low and their brand is suffering as a consequence of poor customer experience. Other vendors are also very cautious about bringing in Tablets as their initial Tablet experiements failed miserably. Initially some sales were made but these white box Tablets quickly started gathering dust or thrown away (yes, they are so awefull)...
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