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As a mac loyalist, I thought I'd try the surface pro for work.  First off, Outlook via Exchange doesn't easily set up on the Surface, the metro app connected to my exchange server but not outlook, its a known issue?  What, Outlook can't connect to exchange on a surface but on all my apple devices it works fine, are you kidding.  The screen on the surface is nice, but its to heavy compared to the ipad mini and not as useful as my macbook pro.  I had a motion computing...
did you install your new hdd and reinstall os x?
I have the new MB Pro and have used the MB Air, as well as the previous gen macbook. I find the 15" screen ideal for daily use, and the weight doesn't bother me at all. I do find that I have never turned on the second graphics card and instead keep the machine at the energy save setting. Some good deals are to be found right now on the Mb Pro.
It's great to see some redesign to the shape of the machine, but we haven't seen much innovation in the MBPro since they came out. I remember with the Powerbooks how apple took the lead in Bluetooth, Airport, backlit keyboards, etc. It seems that the MBPro has seen processor enhancements but no groundbreaking changes or feature additions that put it ahead of the PC competition. My two cents
Hi there I downloaded bootcamp and after a few failed attempts at loaded the xp dvd, it worked. Spent time updating windows, etc, and boy, it works better than my pc notebooks. One machine is all I need now.
I've been using FetchArt and find it works well.
I have a PB 15" and have played with an X41T and Z60M. I really thought the Z60M was going to be a nice machine, but I was disappointed when I opened the box and saw how big/bulky/thick it was. I put it next to my PB and was shocked. I use PC's and MAC's, but I am amazed how ahead Apple was in the design of the PB's. The Ultrasmall Sony Vaio's that are out there have to cramped a keyboard for my liking. I can't find a laptop that beats the 15" PB no matter what OS.
As the owner of a 15.2" PB 1.25 and dual 2.0 PM, I was pissed off. I spent an hour to find out about a new display. I have a 23" cinema and don't need 30". I wanted an apple version of windows media center. Summarized as quite disappointed
I just installed a new apple wireless keyboard and mouse using an external bluetooth adapter. Set up was easy and they work great. Problem is, when the mac sleeps, they won't wake it up. I have to either push the power button or if I plug in the usb mouse and click it, the unit wakes. Any clues?
I have plenty of more pics which I can email to someone who would like to post. I've been busy playing with the G5 so I've stayed away from some of the madness. I have no idea how I got these on Tuesday and no one else seems to have them.
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