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thx, the problem solved!
I mean if this bookmark.htm can directly imported into Safari. thx
thx for your advice, it is really helpful!
I will back em up to External Harddrive.
I just want to automaticly backup all important personal data, e.g. iCal events, photoalbum, bookmark, application settings and so on... so yo guys, any good recommendation!?
I think, adobe professional is for me too large, but the function of pdfpen is too simple, are there any other options to modify the .pdf files, especially those with encryption! thx.
just as I had mentioned, Unison have some compatible problem!
entourage is for me too large, and i do believe it eat up the physical memory, and Unison have some compatiblity problem. so I need a recomendation, what is the most popluar newsgroup reader. thx!
thx,guys! I will consider both of your suggestions!
I gotta a 100 euro budget, at this price range which speaker should I buy for a better sound ? JBL or a simple Creative? I am listening Rock, Alternative and metal, occasionally for a movie! thx
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