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0.0 I didn't know that! Thanks
I'm using YouTube app and I know just a day ago on my iPad 2 it would send a push notification to say that the video is blocked on iPad. This is also true with black keys videos. With the new iPad though it just plays without trouble. Just a nice feature IMO and another reason to upgrade. If you have anipad 2 try watching college humor. You'll be greatly disappointed
Just a little thing I noticed, when watching college humor videos, YouTube no longer blocks iPads. If someone can double check with me that videos from college humor still don't work on the iPad 2 it would be appreciated. Is the new iPad no longer shown as iPad in weblogs by chance?
ohhh so just like how the iphone goes 3g>3gs and 4>4s, this will go 2>2 HD and then 3>3HD. Therefore, this one will have a retina display but for marketing reasons the next one wont. genius
DAMNNNNNNN. Well i did download a few apps earlier in the day. i regret nothing
Stayed up til one to enter. waited for 2999 996 000 to ensure it would get through the waiting time. may have a good chance!
no, your wrong.
Come to the don mills mall already. There's a huge book store that went away and it's one of the highest end malls in Canada. Apple would not only do well there, but would bring A LOT of business to the mall.
Best selling...just least earning product that we have
of course they are...my youtube sybscription bin is filled with 100 videos of a dumb phone that no one even buys...
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