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Baloney. I bet you samsung's numbers are so abysmal that they need to have their paid lackeys come up with some good news. Just like blackberry, at some point they will have to do write downs for all the 'sold' phones in warehouses. Apple is reporting on the 27th. Normally Apple would report much earlier and Samsung reports around the 27th. Maybe Samsung will move their report date too. But watch for it. They must be really bad. As to Apple reporting much later,...
Translation: Samsung is about to report abysmal numbers. This s baloney. Every time the WS shysters release stories like this, you know there is an ulterior motive.i will spell out several scenarios. 1. Disastrous numbers at Samsung. Samsung will be coy at reporting the numbers for their mobile division. They will stress that the manufacturing business will more than make up for the losses due to the apple 'win'. They will not report any inventory write downs. 2....
The reason for the article (idc and gartner number game) is to provide cover for stock manipulation, just I case the SEC and other Feds decide to do their job. The $5 drop of ape needed cover, what better reason than chrome overtaking Apple, the shysters thrive while the Feds look askance.
Baloney. Samsung is probably about to give a disastrous mid-Q update.
How convenient, they cannot say more. Again Baloney. There is no NDA because there is nothing. What was said was 'once', he is not lying. If (once) apple signs-up they will be profitable, meantime because of this the stock should be pushed higher. After all There are lots of pension funds money controlled by the venerable gentlemen of WS, that can be thrown samsung's way while thebanks buy calls and sell puts.
Baloney. Why is AI giving this story prominence? Two narratives her. First, that Samsung is still producing some of the A8. Do you really believe that is this were true, such device would not have miraculously found its way to the tear down folks. Second, there is no proof that apple has an agreement for the A9. Parse wat the Samsung exec said, 'once' is the keyword. Wishful thinking. The way this is being pusher is the implication that Samsung will be privy to...
Baloney, another bogus story from the WS shysters. Unless there is an actualteardown with markings indicatin a Samsung manufactured chip, no one should believe this. The whole point is to keep Samsung relevant. I believe at this point apple has severed their ties.
Cook can nip this in the bud by simply raising all retail store salaries to the same level as the U.S.. Afterall, cook claims to be the champion of fairness. This will ingratiate apple to the Chinese people. The Chinese government will be completely blindsided. Same should be done in Turkey and other countries that have a disparity in wages.
That isthe whole point how they get away wIth it. They emphasized u.s. market, knowing apple no longer breaks it up by region/country. They will claim that growth is all from china and the third world. No matter if cook says double digit growth even in the u.s.. They cannot be sued, because after all it is just an educated guess. If and when the macs no longer increase in unit sales, they will claim a saturation point in china and the third world. I attended...
Meant calendar 2014 not 2914
New Posts  All Forums: