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Meant calendar 2014 not 2914
iPhone sales will match last Q's numbers of over 40 million. China mobile 4g sales increased by 11+ million q-on-q. Look at china Unicom and china telecom, sales are up too. This Q (2Q calendar 2914, apple's fisca 3Q, china overtakes Europe and the u.s. in iPhone sales. The analysts will of course turn this into a negative and say that because the5S is still selling, there will be less upgrades for the iPhone 6.
This from a guy who ups amzn eStimates to $420. Just shows you which way he wants the stock to trade the next two weeks. Come blowout earnings let us see what he does. If successful in getting cover for the price machinist ions,he may go the other way. Probably smarting from not being privy to the deal. Meanwhile amazon will earn in the next 50 years nothing close to what apple will earn in a year.
Baloney. Guess why they use a three month period that does not coincide with the reports of Att and Verizon? The last quarter apple took 70 percent of the smartphone sales on these carriers. By having a time period not matching the quarterly reports, they can continue their scam.
Again, the fact is they are paying 26 percent, while goog and MSFT are paying 16 percent. Look up the annual report. Are you telling me they did not remit the taxes? Corporations/businesses do remit on a quarterly basis. Even then, the annual report will show taxes that have been paid. Regardless, apple is paying 26 percent, while the rest are paying 16 percent. The maximum tax rate is around 33 percent. Yet apple is vilified. Again, do you or do you not believe a...
Just look at the quarterly report. I will make it easier on you, go to google finance, select aapl and goog. Select each one and go to financials. See the last quarter:Name, Income before tax, income after tax:Goog 4,047.00, 3,381.00 tax rate: 16.4%Aapl. 17,709.00, 13,072.00 tax rate; 26.2%Tell me were i am wrong. Compare to msftMsft 7,878.00 6,558.00 tax rate: 16.75%Yet apple is vilified. Every news about tax avoidance is about apple. Again, tell me were aim wrong.
To those who say that google has a better profit margin, look at the tax they paid. Google paid 16 percent while apple paid 26 percent. Yet apple is the one attacked/investigated.
Let me repeat, the numbers are fictitious pulled from where there is no sunlight (or Redmond). They figured apple gave them a gift to manipulate the stock another week (by apple announcing a later report date). Apple will report good numbers. Expect increase not a decrease of 11 percent. Total BS.
Baloney? These WS extortionists make this up all the time. Somehow these next two weeks are important for the shysters. A lot of options on the line. They need something to justify the manipulation. When apple reports Gartner and idcwill simply scratch their heads and say they got it wrong. Laughing all the way to the bank. They claim they earned their keep, in a way they will have.
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