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As much as my inner teenager wants to scream suck it Samsung.... It's about the tangible wet dream of all CEO, that is Apple. Way to earn it Apple !
Most CEO will give up a n*t for this fanatic loyalty to a brand....
well said, but the tone is more mean-spirited and idiotic at times, imo..
Not unethical, just good old fashion stupid. And sad part is, the user base (which has a brain) will shake their head with agreement to the "AD"..
That's right Samsung proclaim to the world the innovation wonders of you..... innovating big screen phone! /s...
Ordered on AT&T website at 3am with slight delay. Got my order confirmation for delivery on the 19th. 4.7 for my wife... Trying to get my job to spring for the 5.5
Setting up Apple to fail. Like I will be doing to LeBron James if he doesn't bring Cleveland 2 NBA championships and 4 consecutive appearance in the NBA finals... /s
Apple's own music label?
Not quite Samsung copy Apple business plan. But HTC shadow Apple business plan...
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