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My opinion, this is the lesser of two evil. Reporting from the keep it simple camp.
F**king Apple and their commercial.... I got something in may eyes.
I am the guy tthat's spitting in the wind.... I Like to own my media.
I use my iPod classic 30 gigs in my 2014 Honda. It lives in the car. technology in Honda integrates so well, I control my iPod classic on the console. Album art, UI integration is awesome. I have bought a second iPod classic off eBay and it also serves the same purpose in my wife vehicle. What a workhorse.
I use iTune to manage (on going project of digitizing) my wife and I huge CD and DVD collections dating back from late 80's. I agree, it's been bloated, but I do see improvement. Streaming, I prefer pandora, trying out iTune radio, so far no complaints. At times, enough for me to buy Albums thru iTunes, I will play an artist Album to death!! That goes for movies as well.
As much as my inner teenager wants to scream suck it Samsung.... It's about the tangible wet dream of all CEO, that is Apple. Way to earn it Apple !
Most CEO will give up a n*t for this fanatic loyalty to a brand....
well said, but the tone is more mean-spirited and idiotic at times, imo..
Not unethical, just good old fashion stupid. And sad part is, the user base (which has a brain) will shake their head with agreement to the "AD"..
That's right Samsung proclaim to the world the innovation wonders of you..... innovating big screen phone! /s...
New Posts  All Forums: