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Except that it has never been as bad as in Lion. I used Safari as my main browser in Leopard and Snow Leopard and never had a problem. I still use it because it's the only browser that can correctly work with multiple OS X keychains (yes, I'm a bit paranoid), but I really hope they fix it soon.
Some bugs in Lion I encountered so far: - Spotlight is reindexing my hard drive after every reboot. Manually deleting the indexes using Cocktail LE and completely rebuilding them from scratch did not help. - Time Machine is horrendously slow. Took more than an hour just 'preparing backup' and now it's copying data to my external FW800 hard drive at an absolutely ridiculous speed of approximately 34 KB/s. Yikes. (This issue is probably related to the previous...
Sorry, but it does not. You have to have your mouse pointer over the word you want to look up.
sudo rm -rf /Applications/Utilities/DigitalColor\\ Meter.app/ After that you can copy the Snow Leopard version of Digital Color Meter over.
They probably could not squeeze an HD camera into this thin, thin, thin bezel. They also could leave it out intentionally to help save battery life (I can say for sure that FaceTime HD camera in my 2011 MBP sucks battery juice like no other).
I think it's a good idea to share some of our least favourite features in Mac OS X Lion and how to mitigate them. I'll start with the new dictionary look-up feature. In Snow Leopard I could simply select a word and press Ctrl+Cmd+D to open Dictionary. In Lion I have to move my hands off the keyboard, point the mouse at the word I want to look-up and press Ctrl+Cmd+D. Hardly an improvement. Also Digital Color Meter (which I use all the time) doesn't display hex...
I happen to manage a whole building of Windows PCs. Never ever had a problem with NTFS. At the same time, EVERY time I verify my HFS+ volumes with Disk Utility, it finds a bunch of errors. Also lost my data a couple of times because of power failures.
The problem with auto-save and versions in Lion is that this is a kludge that doesn't solve the long standing problem of Mac OS X - poor file system reliability. Heck, even NTFS is much better and less fragile than HFS+. Apple should have adopted a modern file system instead of reinventing the bicycle. I completely agree with those who find these two features in their present form an irritation.
Lion is smart. When you plug in a mouse, it displays scroll bars permanently. When you disconnect your mouse, scroll bars revert to their default behavior.
But Lion ships with iTunes 10.3.1 which is still a horribly bloated Carbon application.
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