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El Nino shunts most storms systems further south. The Bay Area wont' feel this.
It's 2015. They haven't built a plant yet, but are saying their car will ship in 2 years? That's the best quality baloney I've tasted in a long time.
Hopefully Apple can give us something more than just a thinner rectangle. Some decent ergonomics would be appreciated, or even a slightly curved design that would be easier to hold. Apple needs to shake things up.
The truth hurts and Musk was spot-on with his original comments. He shouldn't have walked them back because Apple needs to hear real criticism. Apple Watch in its current incarnation is a joke. Apple pencil and a 12" iPad are about as innovative as a 17" laptop screen - hardly a revenue driver. iPad sales continue to decline, iPhone sales are tapped out, and Apple's "next big thing" is a rumored car that won't be ready for another 4 years. I sure hope Apple has a plan for...
The truth hurts and Apple definitely needs to hear it.   The bottom line at Tesla is that if you are willing to jump ship over money, then get the hell out because you weren't committed enough to work here in the first place. That philosophy ensures that you attract only those who are loyal, committed to your mission, and really want to work there. Lately it seems like Apple just throws money at problems and that a pile of cash will spur innovation. Good luck with that.
I wish Apple could introduce a virus into Samsung's computers to wipe out the company. Samsung does not deserve to exist and should be destroyed.
This is ridiculous. Apple should hire the best talent for the job regardless of race. If that's all white people, or all black people, or all purple people, or a mix, then so be it. You don't need racial diversity in an organization, you need intelligence.
Sad. Pathetic. Predictable.   People who buy Samshit products are clueless.
Anything that brings more exposure to BEVs (battery electric vehicles) is a positive. We are on a collision course with catastrophe if we don't switch to a sustainable transportation system. Lower gas prices actually make this imperative more urgent than ever, because lower oil prices mean more oil and gasoline burned, which is more CO2 into the air. The real cost of fossil fuels is not being reflected in the price because no penalty is paid for dumping CO2 and other...
You would think a company with $150B in the bank and the highest valuation on the planet would be able to dedicate some resources to the Mac Pro. No?
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