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Sad. Pathetic. Predictable.   People who buy Samshit products are clueless.
Anything that brings more exposure to BEVs (battery electric vehicles) is a positive. We are on a collision course with catastrophe if we don't switch to a sustainable transportation system. Lower gas prices actually make this imperative more urgent than ever, because lower oil prices mean more oil and gasoline burned, which is more CO2 into the air. The real cost of fossil fuels is not being reflected in the price because no penalty is paid for dumping CO2 and other...
You would think a company with $150B in the bank and the highest valuation on the planet would be able to dedicate some resources to the Mac Pro. No?
 And god, other than a character in a fictional story, is also a figment of your imagination. You believe in make believe. That is simply so. I feel sorry for people like you, people who live in fear and cannot think for themselves. I'm so very sorry for you.
 You seem a little obsessed with "gay", I wonder what that means? Your above post would be very interesting to a Freudian. What does it mean to be gay? First, answer me this: what does it mean to be straight? How do you know that you're straight? Your questions betray your ignorance. Your feigning to worry about children and how they will view 'marriage' is not an argument at all, but an unfounded fear that you are projecting onto others. Nothing you said is a concern for...
They will eventually support Apple Pay or face the reality of lower sales. Vote with your dollar and DO NOT shop at any store that supports MCX. It's really that simple when there are many alternatives. There are also many other reasons why NOT to shop at Walmart, so any reason that deprives Walmart of a customer is a good reason indeed.
This company is run by a bunch of losers who now are acting like bullies. I think the FTC needs to investigate GT's management team and the fact that they dumped their stock prior to filing the bankruptcy. Jail time should be on the table.
I don't understand all of the celebration. You can't actually DO anything more with the current generation iPads that you couldn't do with the last. To make really good use of such horsepower, which you all say is tremendous, you need to allow for multitasking and more stuff in the background. Maybe let users customize their home screen with live widgets like Windows 8. Otherwise, it's just the same old iPad with the same apps as before. Bummer.
 I have an iPhone and I would never set foot in that godforsaken place called Walmart. You see, it has nothing to do with elitism. It has everything to do with not supporting a corporation that abuses its workers and doesn't pay a living wage. That is why I don't shop at Walmart, and why you shouldn't either. If that makes me elitist in the minds of you and your ilk, then I'm okay with that. Poor people don't shop at Walmart, they work at Walmart.
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