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Apple also hasn't been advertising the Mac much in the last couple of years. The Mac vs. PC ads, which were incredibly effective, have been gone for a few years. With those hundreds of billions, you'd think Apple could spare some change for a decent Mac campaign.
Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result? Hello Microsoft and Google!
Maybe the EU should investigate itself for the tax laws it is responsible for passing. Apple is simply following the law in a way to minimize their tax burden. Investigate the politicians and the lobbyists, not the companies that happen to save a lot in taxes simply for following the laws these (and other) clowns passed.
I don't think that works with my Tesla...
Not me. I have no desire to wear a watch. Or glasses. Ever.
This is what Apple just paid billions for? Watch this video and then tell me, why would Apple pay a dime for this individual?  
 Not sure what that means, but okay.
 Ive is good at hardware, not particularly good at UI design, and is not leading any innovation as far as I've seen or read. He is a designer. He doesn't manage the software or decide what happens on the hardware front with new devices. He just makes whatever is decided elsewhere, pretty.
How does everyone feel Iovine and Dre will fit into Apple's corporate culture?
Tim Cook once said that he will never hire a "VP of innovation" because doing so would mean there was a problem at Apple. Well, what do you think he's doing with his recent hires? He is offloading the task of ideation to others and managing the scene. I am a little conflicted about how I feel about this, but then again, Cook's strengths are managerial and not creative. He is not a visionary. Maybe this is what Apple has needed.
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