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 Ive is good at hardware, not particularly good at UI design, and is not leading any innovation as far as I've seen or read. He is a designer. He doesn't manage the software or decide what happens on the hardware front with new devices. He just makes whatever is decided elsewhere, pretty.
How does everyone feel Iovine and Dre will fit into Apple's corporate culture?
Tim Cook once said that he will never hire a "VP of innovation" because doing so would mean there was a problem at Apple. Well, what do you think he's doing with his recent hires? He is offloading the task of ideation to others and managing the scene. I am a little conflicted about how I feel about this, but then again, Cook's strengths are managerial and not creative. He is not a visionary. Maybe this is what Apple has needed.
 How can it possibly be a win for Samsung if they were found to be infringing? Only in a parallel evil universe is this a win for Samsung. Their products are crap, they can't innovate anything without waiting for Apple to do it first. Apple should plant a manchurian candidate inside of Samsung and detonate the company from within. The world would be a better place without Samshit.
Unfortunately Judge Koh lacks the balls to do what's right.
What is the point of having a cable TV provider when you have Roku or Apple TV? It makes no sense. Why should you have to provide a cable provider login in order to watch content from these channels? Basically, then, the AppleTV and Roku are redundant if you still need your antiquated cable subscription. Stupid.
Could it be the Malaysian airliner?
Brain dead on arrival.
Looks like all of the innovation that Cook said would come out of Apple in 2014 is actually coming out of Amazon and others. Way to go Apple!
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