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What is the point of having a cable TV provider when you have Roku or Apple TV? It makes no sense. Why should you have to provide a cable provider login in order to watch content from these channels? Basically, then, the AppleTV and Roku are redundant if you still need your antiquated cable subscription. Stupid.
Could it be the Malaysian airliner?
Brain dead on arrival.
Looks like all of the innovation that Cook said would come out of Apple in 2014 is actually coming out of Amazon and others. Way to go Apple!
So... Samsung is saying that it's okay to steal as long as what you're stealing has little or no value. Do I have that right? Perhaps if there is little or no monetary value to these patents, the judge can ban the products entirely as just compensation to Apple.
 Totally agree with the above assessment. Don't call out silicon valley's hiring practices because most black youth choose to go into sports or other non-tech fields. Everyone in this world has a choice, whether you think so or not. Even inner city youth have a choice. Choices aren't always easy, and accomplishing success in your life requires making difficult choices. Sometimes people prefer to make the easy choice and say that they didn't have a choice. That's not...
Isn't pushing for "racial diversity" racist in itself? Jackson is basically saying that he wants to see more minorities in leadership roles, but who cares about someone's race? Shouldn't the hire be based on experience and qualifications? You want the best person for the job, not the best black person, or asian person, or whatever is the flavor of the month.
 Sorry, but 90 days before WWDC and we don't even have so much as a parts leak. Nope, not going to happen. Apple just launched its "new again" iPad 4. What's next, bring back the iPhone 3 and call it iPhone Retro? If Apple did not have a first mover advantage with the iPhone and iPad, its current products would not stand up to today's competition.
 Two words: previously owned.  If true, you would be incredibly short sighted to pass on the most revolutionary vehicle in 20 years simply because it did not mirror your iPhone's UI. If that's your only consideration for a car, put some wheels on your iPhone and have a seat.  Tesla rolled their own. It's based on Linux.  Have you actually driven a Model S, or do you own one? I have and I do. Take it from someone who drives this car every single day, the computer's super...
New Posts  All Forums: