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If Apple wants to design a thermostat, it doesn't need Nest to do that. If Google wants to design anything that isn't software, it needs to buy a company.
Truly sad and why I will never, ever own a Samsung product in my life. NEVER.
Blackberry is dead. Run!
Converge three platforms that nobody wants. Great idea.
And Appleinsider has to publish an editorial to counter a bad review? Sounds like someone has a lot of Apple stock...
 Tesla Model S does not use Android. Tesla created its own custom OS which has no relationship to Android. I own one and drive it on a daily basis. NOT ANDROID!
So iOS 7 was designed for the iPhone 5c... but not the 5s? Interesting.
Of course they do because Apple does all of the R&D for Samsung.
Samsung should be shut down. This corporate thief must be stopped!
I didn't know that people still did this.
New Posts  All Forums: