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 Tesla is aligning its in-car software offerings with Google. The navigation is already partially Google based, and Tesla is targeting to put Chrome browser on the dashboard. Elon has close personal relationships with the Google founders, he has little relationship with Apple's executives. Tesla is targeting autonomous capabilities for 3rd Gen/Model E, which has a natural Google synergy.
I own and drive a Tesla Model S. I hope this horrible crapware never makes it onto my car.
This is wonderful news. Truly.   A race to the bottom is usually a very expensive game. Good luck Samsung.
That damn judge threw the business to a personal friend. That's all I need to know. Crooks!
I prefer Gortex myself.
If Apple wants to design a thermostat, it doesn't need Nest to do that. If Google wants to design anything that isn't software, it needs to buy a company.
Truly sad and why I will never, ever own a Samsung product in my life. NEVER.
Blackberry is dead. Run!
Converge three platforms that nobody wants. Great idea.
And Appleinsider has to publish an editorial to counter a bad review? Sounds like someone has a lot of Apple stock...
New Posts  All Forums: