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I think this is the best move Samsung could probably make. I encourage them 100%. I need my AAPL stock to rise.
Cook better get on the phone with Elon Musk. The Tesla Model S is one of the most popular cars - not just EVs - on the planet. They have a 17" touchscreen on the dashboard with a home grown OS. They could really use Apple on that screen...
Poor Samsung. Poor, poor Samsung.   They are like the awkward kid down the block who nobody wants to play with, so he is left to play with himself and have tea parties with his stuffed animals. How totally, utterly sad...
Smart Watch = stupidest, most useless idea of all time Analysts predicting sales volume for a market that does not exist. Uh-huh.
I can "ship" 20 million of anything, that doesn't mean I actually sold them.
Balmer is the problem here, so any restructuring led by him is going to be a miserable failure because it does not deal with the root cause of Microsoft's troubles. It has no real leadership, no innovation engine, nothing. It is a behemoth of middle managers cobbling together products that nobody asked for.
I think it's time to order a few drone strikes. We might as well use that technology for something useful.
What is it about Asia that makes that part of the world want to rip off technologies developed by American companies? Seriously, this crap needs to stop. Don't Asians learn personal responsibility growing up? Don't they understand the concept of stealing? Or do they just think they are entitled to everything the world creates without paying for those creations?
  Or maybe you are just a little bit too obsessed with Mr. Phil Schiller? I found his comment to be spot on! You probably don't follow what the media and Wall Street have been saying about Apple in the last year. This comment was not only warranted, it was welcomed and applauded. Apple has been the punching bag for media d-bags and Wall Street so-called "analysts" for not being innovative, and if I were a senior VP at Apple I probably would have made a similar statement....
  Tim Cook stated clearly in NBC's Rock Center interview that bringing manufacturing back to the US is not a cost issue, it's a manpower qualification issue. He said that manufacturing in the US would not materially raise costs. He said the reason companies like Apple no longer manufacture in the US is due to a lack of qualified workforce. So your argument is not valid here, assembling the Mac Pro in the US - given the small quantities that are needed to fulfill orders -...
New Posts  All Forums: