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Samsung should be shut down. This corporate thief must be stopped!
I didn't know that people still did this.
What is the difference between a set of algorithms to handle an encoded connection (VPN) versus a set of algorithms to convert your text to pig latin? One is patentable while the other is not, or are they both patentable? I don't understand how a company can patent a set of software routines. Logic is not something that was invented, it is something that has existed for all of time.
Poor Microsoft can't even give its tablets away...
I think this is the best move Samsung could probably make. I encourage them 100%. I need my AAPL stock to rise.
Cook better get on the phone with Elon Musk. The Tesla Model S is one of the most popular cars - not just EVs - on the planet. They have a 17" touchscreen on the dashboard with a home grown OS. They could really use Apple on that screen...
Poor Samsung. Poor, poor Samsung.   They are like the awkward kid down the block who nobody wants to play with, so he is left to play with himself and have tea parties with his stuffed animals. How totally, utterly sad...
Smart Watch = stupidest, most useless idea of all time Analysts predicting sales volume for a market that does not exist. Uh-huh.
I can "ship" 20 million of anything, that doesn't mean I actually sold them.
Balmer is the problem here, so any restructuring led by him is going to be a miserable failure because it does not deal with the root cause of Microsoft's troubles. It has no real leadership, no innovation engine, nothing. It is a behemoth of middle managers cobbling together products that nobody asked for.
New Posts  All Forums: