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Prior to Apple, nobody else used this rubber-banding technique. It's easy now, in hindsight, to say oh that is just so obvious. Well, apparently it wasn't because in all of written history, nobody utilized this technique until Apple. So yes, they should get the spoils and be able to protect this most unique idea. It is, after all, an important part of the OS and an integral part of the UI. Samsung is a sack of horse s**t for having no creative ideas of their own prior to...
  Legally they must say "assembled" if a certain number of internal components come from outside the US. So this is not a choice for Apple, it's a legal requirement. It would be utterly impossible to ensure the majority of internal components are manufactured in the US. So give them some credit!
The new Mac Pro is a brilliant and deceptively simple design. Of course it's not for everyone, but Apple is very wise here... they designed a Mac Pro that is for the vast majority of pro users. What this means is that the new Mac Pro is not designed for those who need it to be rack mountable. It's not designed for someone who needs 24 cores of dual CPU power because 12 cores are more than enough for 99% of professionals who buy Mac Pros. Apple has certainly done its...
  The Mac Pro is for forward-thinking people.
Thoroughly useless service if you are not able to play whatever song you want, when you want. I don't want a passive Pandora-esque experience. I want to be able to play whatever song on earth that I desire on-demand. If Spotify can do it, Apple can do it better.
  Wow, you assume a lot.
  I guess you missed the critical part of why it was designed as a cylinder. Real pros must not pay attention.
  Tell that to Wall Street.
But in the world of news gathering, nobody is looking for an artistic shot with just the right DOF. The purpose of news photography is to capture the moment and convey real-time events. In this respect, you can be trained to take photos and don't need to have an ounce of artistic talent in order to shoot for newspapers.
  Instead of challenging people, why not tell us what amazing Android apps you are using on your Android tablet?
New Posts  All Forums: