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I don't understand why we have analysts who analyze meaningless numbers. Some people prefer Fords, others BMWs. Android will always be a Ford.
BYE BYE ADOBE!   I will hang on to CS6 until Apple or someone else comes up with a replacement to fill the gap. I don't see most people spending what Adobe wants. Anyone holding Adobe stock should panic right now.
  If Macy's is "high end" then I need to work a lot harder to get myself in the next higher economic class in this country. Macy's is a polished turd.
        LOL!   What's so sad is that JCP couldn't find anyone more qualified to take the job than their last, failing CEO. I guess when you are the Titanic, not many people want to work there.
The smartphone industry was Blackberry's to lose. They've done an admirable job of losing it.
If I held an Blackberry stock, I would have sold every share after reading this article and quote. What a moron! Yes, in five years the tablet industry will be dead. That's why Apple's tablet sales skyrocketed almost 70% YOY. Didn't Blackberry also predict the iPhone would fail? They aren't particularly good at predicting things, are they? And where have they been all of this time, only to come out with a revolutionary new Blackberry device that looks like... get ready...
  I couldn't disagree more. Nobody wants to use a tablet to create office documents. The screen and cover/keyboard offer a poor typing experience compared to today's desktops. It sounds like a good idea, but the experience will be rather cumbersome for anyone who wants to do real work. Tablets are and will remain consumption devices for the foreseeable future. It sounds like Apple has the right tack - maximize the experience. Microsoft is trying to leverage a product...
This only serves to confirm that Best Buy, as a retail shopping experience, is deader than a doornail.
Why on earth should Tim Cook be removed as CEO when Apple showed record sales growth last quarter and will likely do it again this quarter? The only negative to report is that sales are slowing down and that Apple's profit may be lower this quarter than the year ago quarter. That means Apple is still profitable and making more money than all of its competitors combined. But that's not good enough for Wall Street and these douche bags who write such drivel. You would think...
I find the timing of this story to be interesting, just one day before Apple releases earnings. If Apple was not charged for these 8 million handsets at $200 each, that could mean $1.6B in savings to Apple vs having an extra 8 million unsold handsets in your distribution channel. If there is an upside to Apple's earnings report tomorrow, this could be a factor.
New Posts  All Forums: