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And people just LOVE advertising in their apps. NOT!
I would think there would be far too many to name, although maybe not - there are only a couple hundred tablet optimized Android apps versus tens of thousands for the iPad. Anyone who is satisfied using an Android tablet, with its extremely poor and limited app selection, does not have very high standards for themselves.
Samsung is churning to market a large variety of devices that most consumers, at large, don't want. So this would be consistent with that behavior. Or the article is incorrect and speaking about a Windows 8 product. The latter is more likely.
I love the mock journalism here at AI. What a misleading headline! Samsung is doing the right thing by differentiating its products and addressing multiple segments with different sized screens. Everybody wants options. Tim Cook said that customers pay Apple to make certain decisions for them. Sure, but I'm not an Apple customer because I want Apple to limit my options when it comes to basic things like screen sizes. Especially from a company that was the first to market...
I find Apple's store to be much more aesthetically pleasing than that ugly fountain.
S4 Mini? So wait... Apple is right selling the iPhone 5 at its current size despite all of the criticism Apple has received for not enlarging the iPhone's screen to better compete with the Galaxy line? I think this is an interesting turn.
The editorials at this site are so amateurishly written - does the person writing these even have a degree in journalism or any qualifications to even write an editorial? Seriously, what intelligent person thinks Apple can only work on one thing at a time? It can't add features at the same time it revamps the interface - are you kidding? Apple has never stated, in advance, what new features would be contained in any future iOS release. So just be patient and wait for WWDC...
  This is not a business strategy for Apple. A business strategy leads to a bigger business and higher profit. Suing companies is not profitable. Apple does it because it is the RIGHT thing to do when something you invented and were granted a patent for is stolen. You should be standing first in line to support a domestic, American success story protect its intellectual property from theft by a Korean company. I guess you have no allegiance.
  You must be joking. When you say "pay their fair share on taxes", how much is that? They have paid what is required by law. IRS agents are permanently stationed at Apple and as Tim Cook told Congress, Apple is under a perpetual on-site IRS audit and everything they do gets IRS approval. So you are saying their "fair share" is more than the law requires? When was the last time you "paid your fair share" by paying the IRS more than the law required? Did you send them a...
And why does anyone care what anyone in Congress has to say? This is fresh... pick on the most successful American company in history and accuse them of (gasp) following the law as written. My god, are they now saying there is a "higher moral obligation" to pay taxes that are above and beyond what is required by the IRS? And if so, why are you singling out Apple and not every other corporation in America?   These so-called "senators" are nothing but a clown show and...
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