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  Wow, you assume a lot.
  I guess you missed the critical part of why it was designed as a cylinder. Real pros must not pay attention.
  Tell that to Wall Street.
But in the world of news gathering, nobody is looking for an artistic shot with just the right DOF. The purpose of news photography is to capture the moment and convey real-time events. In this respect, you can be trained to take photos and don't need to have an ounce of artistic talent in order to shoot for newspapers.
  Instead of challenging people, why not tell us what amazing Android apps you are using on your Android tablet?
And people just LOVE advertising in their apps. NOT!
I would think there would be far too many to name, although maybe not - there are only a couple hundred tablet optimized Android apps versus tens of thousands for the iPad. Anyone who is satisfied using an Android tablet, with its extremely poor and limited app selection, does not have very high standards for themselves.
Samsung is churning to market a large variety of devices that most consumers, at large, don't want. So this would be consistent with that behavior. Or the article is incorrect and speaking about a Windows 8 product. The latter is more likely.
I love the mock journalism here at AI. What a misleading headline! Samsung is doing the right thing by differentiating its products and addressing multiple segments with different sized screens. Everybody wants options. Tim Cook said that customers pay Apple to make certain decisions for them. Sure, but I'm not an Apple customer because I want Apple to limit my options when it comes to basic things like screen sizes. Especially from a company that was the first to market...
I find Apple's store to be much more aesthetically pleasing than that ugly fountain.
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