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  When the government invites you with a subpoena is when you show up to testify about anything, not voluntarily in front of a bunch of so-called senators who have already expressed a disdain for Apple and business in general. I'm sorry, but I simply would not do this on the basis of principal. If they want my opinion about something, come and ask me. Or let's go to lunch. But to "invite" me to testify in front of a bunch of angry senators who have already made up their...
  What is the difference between the two? Every tax dollar that you owe is every tax dollar that you are required to pay by the US Tax Code. How else do you know what "every dollar that we owe" means? There is a rule book and they are playing by the rules. Don't blame them for taking advantage of loopholes and taking every deduction they are entitled to take. That is what they owe per the law. Is there some higher moral tax code that I am unaware of, and if so, who made...
  Ah, how quickly we forget the days when the maximum individual tax rate was 90%. Do you remember what we did back then? We built bridges, interstate freeways, damns, put a man on the moon, and accomplished many other worthy goals as a nation. This is nothing but a dog and pony show for the senators involved, and they are going to try to make Apple look evil. Why is Cook even doing this? Apple is not under investigation and nobody issued a subpoena to Cook. Watch Apple's...
I don't believe Apple is under any kind of investigation, therefore neither Apple nor Cook have an obligation to testify in this hearing. I think Cook is rather foolish to sit in a congressional hearing, being asked questions, and looking like Apple is on trial when it isn't. Cook should have taken a pass and instead, invited a few Senators to discuss tax policy with him at his headquarters in Cupertino without any cameras present. That is how you do things. Now Cook is...
A well designed and built product should always retain its value better than a plastic knock-off.
I don't understand why we have analysts who analyze meaningless numbers. Some people prefer Fords, others BMWs. Android will always be a Ford.
BYE BYE ADOBE!   I will hang on to CS6 until Apple or someone else comes up with a replacement to fill the gap. I don't see most people spending what Adobe wants. Anyone holding Adobe stock should panic right now.
  If Macy's is "high end" then I need to work a lot harder to get myself in the next higher economic class in this country. Macy's is a polished turd.
        LOL!   What's so sad is that JCP couldn't find anyone more qualified to take the job than their last, failing CEO. I guess when you are the Titanic, not many people want to work there.
The smartphone industry was Blackberry's to lose. They've done an admirable job of losing it.
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