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Good thing he left Apple, otherwise all of those smart stock analysts would be blaming him for the decline in stock price and that Apple is doomed. The JCP thing doesn't appear to have been a smart career move in hindsight. Apple is still looking for his replacement, maybe he can come back home?
According to this author, Apple is going to need its cash to weather the next two years and sets up some kind of negative argument against Apple. Then he admits that new chip fab facilities need to be built because fabricators can't keep up with Apple's demand. Hmmm... Then he says hey, that cash should be used to pay higher dividends. Hmmm... but if it needs its cash to "weather the next 2 years", then how can it possibly make sense to give that cash away to...
Glass - the dumbest idea on Planet Earth. Keep talking, Sergei, but these are still going to be a big flop. Why? Because people don't want to wear glasses! We spend thousands of dollars on laser eye surgery and contact lenses to avoid wearing something that Google now wants everyone to wear? That will be the day that I unplug.
I believe Apple still has to deliver the products that Cricket bought. Whether or not Cricket can sell to the consumer is a different issue, but this doesn't impact Apple's margins one bit.
Well gosh darnit! Here we are sitting at Cricket Wireless hatching a plan to put Apple's popular phones on our network because, duh, it's the most popular phone on the planet and it will boost our sales. Duh, right? Except... oh my... we completely forgot about our demographics when we made this decision. Well poo, our unrealistic expectations feel short of reality therefore Apple is doomed... LOL
What is the point of a bump when the performance improvement is less than 5%? This seems completely irrelevant, I don't understand why people are saying this is a good thing. It's a completely inconsequential thing, actually.
Wow, how awesome. No video of the applications or how the actual thing works, unless you want to watch an image of the solar system and the sun. Yet they created this to be the best personal computing experience every? Yet can't show us anything that the computer actually does. And it's such a cutting edge design that it looks completely lame when placed next to a MacBook Pro. Uh-huh... keep trying.
Dumbest ideas since Google goggles
ZDNET is the only major outlet that gave this POS a positive review. ZDNET calls it a "no compromise" device while every other objective review called it a "'no-compromise' device with far too many compromises". The difference between MS and Apple is that Apple actually creates no compromise devices that are the best at what they do. Apple has no trouble throwing away things like memory cards, USB ports, etc. in order to create an eminently thin, light device. MS feels...
Because Apple has shown such a positive track record when it comes to deploying its internet-based services? LOL
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