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I find the timing of this story to be interesting, just one day before Apple releases earnings. If Apple was not charged for these 8 million handsets at $200 each, that could mean $1.6B in savings to Apple vs having an extra 8 million unsold handsets in your distribution channel. If there is an upside to Apple's earnings report tomorrow, this could be a factor.
First of all, I don't own any Android devices and probably never will. I own two MacBook Pros, one MacPro, one Mac Mini, bought two iMacs for friends and family in the last three years, and owned an iPhone 3G, 4 and 4S. The iPhone 5 is the first iPhone since the 3G that I haven't jumped on because it offered nothing compelling over the 4S, which is part of Apple's problem right now.   The carrier line charts clearly show iOS growth at AT&T, but flat iOS growth at...
  iPhone share is only growing at AT&T, but the Verizon chart very clearly shows (unless you are blind) that iOS peaked between September and December 2012, but latest quarter shows iPhone numbers back to pre-holiday levels. Okay, what were those pre-holiday levels? Look at the line before the holiday - it pretty much hovers at the same level as the Android line. That shows flat growth of iOS overall at Verizon with a spike during the holidays - the rest of the graph is...
I'm sorry, but is the author of this article blind and unable to read his own charts? Looking at the VZW graph, it's clear that iPhone sales peaked in 2012 at 6 million and have been on a decline to 4 million in the most recent quarter. If you look at the most recent quarter, iPhone sales have slumped to almost the same point as Android - the graphs are almost on top of each other. Latest quarterly iPhone numbers are not shown from AT&T. This is a worthless and shoddy...
That's nice, I'd love to turn my smartphone device into nothing more than a Facebook home page. Hey sheep, can you hear yourselves? Baaaaa...
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Mr. Johnson departed Apple for something better, and for undoubtedly more money. He gave up a good thing for a gamble, which he lost. Now you think Apple is going to hire back someone who: 1) left them for something better; and 2) has now been publicly humiliated as a failure? Keep dreaming. He is tainted goods at this point.
You'll need to ask Tim Cook about that. It's not like they haven't had many months to prepare an alternative.
Revised headline: Attention Potheads - New iPhone Secure Ordering!
Wow, Blackberry's offerings may end up being almost as nice as the upcoming, rumored Facebook Phone. HA! All Apple has to do to re-launch its revolution is to offer the iPhone in a variety of different colors. BAM! What RIM, Samsung, Google and the rest don't understand is that people WANT to have Apple devices because they are cool. All Apple has to do is keep its stuff "cool". Change up the colors people, it's time!
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